Which Position Is Best For Aircon Installation?

Which Position Is Best For Aircon Installation? While buying an air conditioner is a good decision, you must spend some time finding out the best position where it can be installed in your home.

It should be thought through because if the decision is not right and if you still go ahead with the aircon installation, you could end up with all sorts of problems. You may have to pay more as far as your energy bills are concerned.

Further, you and your family members may not get the right benefit and value for money out of the air conditioner.

Therefore, we are pleased to list down some tips and suggestions that could help you to find the right answer to the question of which position is the best for aircon installation. Let us straight away get into the topic without wasting any time.

Why The Right Position & Location is Important?

Which Position Is Best For Aircon Installation?

If you install your air conditioner in a poorly thought out and selected spot, the unit will be forced to work harder to offer you the right results.

As mentioned above, wrong positioning and wrong choice of place could lead to quite a bit of inefficiency as far as the air conditioning unit is concerned.

It also could lead to faster wear and tear and this in turn could impact the overall life, durability, and longevity of your expensive air conditioning machine.

Therefore, it makes sense to have a clear and precise idea about the place and position in which you should install your air conditioner. By doing so, you can rest assured of the best of results at all points in time.

Take the Help of Professionals

Ask any expert who knows about air conditioning. He or she, will most certainly recommend hiring the services of an experienced and capable air conditioning technician. He will be the right person to advise and counsel you on the subject matter.

Even otherwise, there are some simple things to keep in mind when you decide to have an air conditioner installed in your home.

Where are you installing the Air conditioner?

This is the most important vital question that you must ask before you commence the process of installing your air conditioner.


Are you looking at the right place and position to install the air conditioner in your bedroom, please ensure that the air conditioner is positioned perfectly? In other words, you must make sure that the cool air does not flow over the bed directly.

Many people find it too cold and uncomfortable when the cooled air falls on their face and body. It also could lead to other problems and many of them may end up waking in the morning with a sore throat.

Living room

Which Position Is Best For Aircon Installation?

If you are installing it for a living room, choose a spot that helps the units to direct the airflow directly to the place where you, your family members, and guests are sitting.


Pay attention to the height at which the air conditioner is located. You have to bear in mind that cool air has a tendency to move down and settle on the floor.

Therefore, if you install it at the best possible height, you can be reasonably certain that you will be able to enjoy uniform cooling across the entire room, whether it is the living room or the bedroom.


Which Position Is Best For Aircon Installation?

You must, under the normal circumstances, install the air conditioner in the cooler side of your house. It should be in such a position that the place has direct sunlight.


If you are installing an outdoor air conditioning unit, please make sure that it is installed in an area that has the right ventilation. There should be ample space available on either side of the air conditioning machine.

Make sure that you choose a place and area that is relatively free from the shrubbery. It will not improve the free airflow from your unit but you also will not have to spend too much money and time on maintenance and upkeep.

Vibration & Safety

Which Position Is Best For Aircon Installation?

Install and position the air conditioner on the wall in the right manner. You could also choose a concrete slab to keep the unit. This will prevent vibration and also will enhance the safety of the air conditioner.

Never install the air conditioner in a place that is exposed to corrosive substances.

Which Position Is Best For Aircon Installation? – Conclusion

We believe that we have been able to give a reasonably good idea and the right information about installation of your air conditioning machine.

You have to do it perfectly the first time around and therefore be careful about the position, the place, and other such things before you start the installation process.

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