Reasons You Need Aircon Servicing

Are you a resident of Singapore? Do find replacing or reinstalling an air conditioner costly? If you are, then you might want to get acquainted with some of the real benefits that come with Aircon servicing? The truth is that Aircon repairs are not among the easiest ‘Do It Yourself’ tasks that come with general knowledge. Trying to make the repairs, might result in an unpleasing outcome and chances that it might lead to the need to re-install the whole system is high, especially if you don’t have the required expertise to do it right. On the other hand, experts have all the tools, experience and most importantly their work is guaranteed.

Professional Aircon servicing might save you the energy costs, extend the lifespan of your air conditioner and most importantly, reduce the chances of an air conditioner breaking down. Air conditioner maintenance ensures that you continue enjoying a pleasurable environment and at the same time saves you some unexpected costs. To get a clear understanding why professional Aircon servicing is necessary, here is a list of some of the common air conditioner problems and the reasons they need attention from the experts.

Clogged air filters interferes with the flow of air in and out of the air conditioner system and, as a result, might lead to high energy cost. Trying to access and clean the dirt in the clogged filters is not an easy task. The worst part is that it also increases the chances of getting infections from the microbes. Why not save yourself the trouble by letting an expert do it for you? Experts have the right skills, experience and lastly, vital tools required to ensure that the portable air conditioning units, central cooling system, and ductless models stay as clean as possible. Clean air filters means, increased heat absorption by the evaporator coil and most importantly improved airflow in and out of the system.

Failure of the system to cool properly might be as a result of the minor repairs that are hard to detect. The only person with the right tools and skills to detect these problems is an expert. Air conditioner experts have the ability to diagnose problems and make the required repairs. Regular inspections might lead to the prevention of minor problems that if left unattended may result in bigger problems. Regular inspections may also reduce the chances of the equipment breaking down, hence the need of replacing the whole system that might be quite costly.

Detecting issues related to improper electrical connections proves to be quite a challenge. Trying to make the repairs by yourself is also dangerous. Improper connections might also lead to the damage of the system or result in blackouts that might not be convenient especially if your house is full of electrical appliances. Air conditioner repair experts have the right tools required for measurements of the current and voltage hence have the ability to check the working condition of the motor. They will achieve this by monitoring and regularly testing the controls ensuring that the motor keeps working properly. They will also lubricate the moving parts needed for the system to keep running properly.

Among the major culprits when it comes to wear and tear of the air conditioner parts are refrigerant levels. Improper refrigerant levels strain the parts of the air conditioner system, and that may in turn lead to the wear and tear of these parts. Improper refrigerant levels may not also be friendly to the environment in the house since it might either make the air in the room too hot or cold. Regular inspection of the refrigerant levels is an important part of the maintenance since it prevents wearing out that may reduce the lifespan of the equipment. Hiring experts is also important since they are the ones to detect the need to replace the refrigerant and as, a result, improves the system’s performance.

Wailing sound is a popular problem with an air conditioner that can easily be mistaken to be normal. This sound sometimes gets louder, making the environment uncomfortable. The sound is usually as a result of the faults with the belts in the fan. The wailing sound can also lead to further damage to the system and as a result, you might need to replace the whole system that you might find quite expensive. Experts can detect this before it becomes unpleasant to the environment and do the required repairs. They will also check the motor bearings, lubricate and replace the bearing that is required for an efficient performance of the system.

Poor drainage of the system might mean water leaks and from my experience, the primary culprit when it comes to the growth of mildew or mold is stagnant water. Getting exposed to mildew and mold is not healthy, and the worse part is that it may also lead to some costs. Water can also damage your structure permanently since it wets and soaks the foundation making it weaker. What makes Aircon servicing important is that the experts will notice potential leaks and do away with them before they become effective. It is also cheaper to maintain the system’s drainage than to replace the whole system or do the repairs that come as a result of the damage caused to the structure. Proper drainage also means clean environment and therefore, reduces chances of infections and the only way to ensure this happens, is to hire an expert.

Among the issues that might put general knowledge to test is the malfunctioning of the thermostat’s sensor. Unless you have the right skills, you should not try to do any repair related to the thermostat. Thermostats are meant to sense the air in the room meaning that the temperature in your room and the settings on the thermostat should be at the same level. The only person who can quickly detect this problem is an expert. He or she might realize if the thermostat needs calibration or relocation. An expert will do the necessary repair and ensure that your thermostat works properly.

In summary, repairs related to an air conditioner are not among the DIY task, but an expert job. To make the necessary repairs, you need skills, experience and most importantly, time to do it. The extra expense might be your excuse to ignore the minor problems related to an air conditioner, but what you must realize is that problems are there to stay unless attended to in time. If you don’t switch off your air conditioner, these problems will become big. They may lead to the need of replacing the whole system that is quite expensive than Aircon servicing. This is not what you want. An air conditioner is a machine. Wear and tear and failure to function are among the things common with a machine and air conditioner is not exceptional.

Not only does Aircon servicing saves you some repair costs, but also increase the lifespan of the system.

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