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Aircon services, based in Singapore, offer both residential and commercial air conditioning services. Our services range from installation to maintenance of all kinds of air conditioning systems. We boast of highly trained and experienced technicians who perform their job in a professional manner. Moreover, we also provide professional advice to our clients on the systems that will suit their needs. We understand that energy saving air conditioners will help the clients save a lot of money on electricity bills. Also, our technicians are duly licensed by the relevant authorities. We handle all problems from old to modern conditioning systems. Our technicians will service, repair and maintain your air conditioning system is a professional manner
Services provided by Aircon services

Our company provide wide range of services that include;

Chemical cleaning of AC units
We use chemicals to remove dust and dirt on your AC units. It should be noted that clogged AC units cannot function as expected. Our experts will chemically clean your AC units to allow the fresh flow of air through the system. You should also remember that accumulation of dust on air conditioning will always lead to break down every time. Therefore, we recommend our customers to do this kind of service once in every month. By this time, bacteria and mold will have grown inside the units so chemical cleaning should be used to keep the units clean. We perform chemical cleaning in both residential and commercial properties. We understand the needs of our customers, and we perform personalized cleaning services that produce ultimate customer satisfaction. Since our technicians are highly trained, there is no job that is too complicated for us to handle.
Inspection and servicing
Inspection of AC system is an important part that should be done to prevent blockage of dents, vents, and air passage. Therefore, we perform regular inspections of AC systems for our customers. We do the inspection to ensure that the AC units are working properly. Inspection is done to prevent unexpected breakdown, which may end causing more damage. Moreover, our continuous servicing and maintenance is vital to ensure that AC units are in good condition. Our technicians are trained to diagnose the problems and perform maintenance to ensure that the systems are working properly at all times. Our experts take care of refrigeration system, electrical system, and the whole air system. Our inspection and servicing include replacement of parts and cleaning of the air passage to prevent future breakdown.

New installations
Our Company can perform new installations of air conditioning system in both residential and residential properties. Our technicians install new air conditioning units for new homes and commercial properties. We perform the installation to meet the individual need of the customers we understand that each home or office is unique, and each has a unique system. Our technicians will assess your office or home and recommend you on the most suitable system. We install air conditioning systems that are energy efficient and durable.

Aircon repair
Our highly experienced technicians repair all air conditioning systems. In most cases, broken air conditioning units can be frustrating if you want to maintain a constant room temperature. Our experts repair broken AC, vents, passages, and dents to restore your system back to normal working condition. Our aim is not only to repair broken AC units, but we also focus on giving our customers home comfort. We carry out ac repair with long-term outlook to ensure that the system will last for a long time without breaking down. We also carry out emergency repair since we understand the inconveniences caused by broken AC units in your home or office. Regardless of the time of the day, our technicians will show up for emergency repairs.

Digital thermostat replacement
Digital thermostats are very vital elements in air conditioning systems. Digital thermostats are complicated and require the assistance of the specialist who can fix the problem without causing more damage to the system. Our technicians will perform a thorough assessment before replacing a digital thermostat on your system. Moreover, we also perform analysis on your HVAC units to determine if there are any areas that need repair.

Freon replacement
Our technicians carry out Freon replacement to provide maximum comfort to our offices or homes during hot days. If no replacement and servicing is done at the right time, the air conditioning system will cause discomfort in your offices or homes. During hot seasons, the AC systems may become clogged due to high humidity. Our technicians will assess your AC unit to determine whether your system needs Freon replacement or normal repair. Moreover, we also check your gas system to determine if it is functioning in an expected manner.
Why choose our services
Our chemical cleaning ensures complete dust and debris removal in your AC conditioning units. With our reliable and reputable services, you are assured of dust-free and cleaner air flow for your home or office. Proper functioning will ensure optimal performance of the air conditioning at peak rates. This will reduce the frequency of maintenance of your systems while ensuring optimum temperature during hot seasons.

Moreover, it is important to remember that our HVAC systems come in contact with many chemicals. These chemical can accumulate and restrict air flow and even cause respiratory problems. Therefore, our cleaning is vital in protecting the health of your family.
In most cases, our technicians perform chemical serving every 3 months for homes. However, this is done on a monthly basis in commercial establishments. This will not only ensure cleaner environment but will also lower the energy consumption costs.

Moreover, our technicians are duly licensed and possess the certification from the relevant authorities. Therefore, we give you guarantee of fast and high-quality job. Regardless of whether the job is small or big, we offer warranties on our services and parts. Also, we offer extensive duct services that including replacement of outdated filters.
Aircon services is one of the most reliable and reputable air conditioning service provider in Singapore. We boast of highly skilled technicians who have vast experience in the industry. Moreover, we have reliable customer support services to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our services. Choosing our company will not only assure you of reliable air conditioning system but will also save a lot of money.

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Looking For Trusted Aircon Company in Singapore? Aircon Leaking Water? Aircon Not Cold Anymore? Want To Service Your Aircon by Proven Technicians? Aircon Having Problem But Afraid Of Unhonest Aircon Contractors? Need To Do Aircon Chemical Wash or Overhaul? Looking for Knowledgeable Aircon Repair Man? - The Most Trusted Aircon Company in Town!
I have tried several aircon company but some of them are not honest and reliable. I was recommended by my friend and i am very happy with their services. I done my aircon overhaul here for my 2 units and they are working very fine now. No hard sell or hidden charges. Very efficient!
Miss Choy (Tampines)
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Looking For Trusted Aircon Company in Singapore?
Aircon Leaking Water?
Aircon Not Cold Anymore?
Want To Service Your Aircon by Proven Technicians?
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Looking for Knowledgeable Aircon Repair Man? - The Most Trusted Aircon Company in Town!


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My aircon was leaking water so i called Singapore Aircon Servicing  for an aircon chemical cleaning and they even attended my last minute booking as mine was an urgent case. I signed up a yearly aircon contract with them. I am very impressed with theier service and i am definitely recommending them to anyone who wants to get a professional company to service their aircon.
Mr Robin (City Square Residences)
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