Things to Know Before Installing Aircon For Condo

What are some things to know before installing Aircon for Condo? Before you start your aircon installation in Singapore, there are many things to know before installing aircon for a condo.

Most households in Singapore have air conditioning systems to keep their families cool and comfortable. Air conditioning systems have an impact on the overall comfort level of not only homes but offices and business establishments too.

This is why people must ensure that they get good quality AC for their use. They should also get it installed and maintained correctly. You can find many companies selling a wide range of air conditioners in Singapore.

Most of these companies also offer Air Conditioning Installation in Singapore as part of their services when you buy an AC from them. 

Things to Know Before Installing Aircon For Condo

Things to Know Before Installing Aircon For Condo

When you are installing a new air conditioner for your home, you should know that the best air conditioners available today use about 30% to 50% less energy and give the same amount of cooling a twenty-five-year-old AC gives that.

The efficiency, performance, longevity, and initial cost of your AC will depend mainly on its size and as well as some other factors. These factors will be outlined to you by most of the companies selling ACs and offering Air Conditioning Installation in Singapore.

  • The size of the room and the number of windows it has;
  • The amount of shade on the walls, roof, and windows of your home;
  • The insulation system of the ceiling and walls of your house;
  • Air leakage from outside into your home;
  • The number of occupants.

More prominent AC means more massive electricity bills

Things to Know Before Installing Aircon For Condo

Before you buy and install an AC, you should know that the bigger AC is not always, the better one, as far as cooling of your home in Singapore is concerned. A more massive AC will cost more and will also require more energy to operate which means there will be extra expenses for you.

Moreover, a big AC system in a small house will have reduced efficiency as it will cycle itself on and off more frequently as compared to an appropriately sized AC system. It will consume more electricity which, in the end, will burn a hole in your pocket.

Whether you are a householder or a contractor looking to install a new air conditioning system in your home or apartment, most of the companies have the right resources and skilled technicians for Air Conditioning Installation in Singapore.

Research before hiring AC Installation Company in Singapore

If you are in need of an AC installation company, you should research before you settle on one. This can be a complicated install, which is why doing it yourself is not usually recommended. However, it is important to find the best company possible if you do end up hiring someone for it. 

Ask friends, family members

Things to Know Before Installing Aircon For Condo

One of the first steps is to ask friends, family members, and neighbors whom they used to install their air conditioner.

Many of them may not know since central air often comes installed in new homes, but if they had to get a new one put in, they may have a business to recommend to you.

Additionally, many air conditioner repair companies also do installations, which means that they might have a good company to refer you to if they have had their system repaired recently.

Check the phone book in your area.

Another way to get a few names of companies is to check the phonebook in your area. You might not use the phonebook very often anymore, but it is an excellent way to see a listing of companies that offer the services you need.

Some businesses also include advertisements in the phonebook that feature what they offer, as well as exclusive deals. Make a list of the companies in your area so that you have a few to choose from, and note any transactions that are offered so that you can save money.

Use the Internet to find reviews.

Things to Know Before Installing Aircon For Condo

If you do not have anyone to get recommendations from, you should use the Internet to find reviews. Many people post their experiences online so that other people can decide whether to use certain companies.

You can either look up each company that you are considering or search for various businesses near you that offer AC installation. Then you can contact each one to get price quotes and availability.

Get to know the real need

Things to Know Before Installing Aircon For Condo

Devices can have multiple problems, some of which can be sorted out by a slight modification, some by way of repair and for some, the only solution is the replacement of the device. Check the behavior of the gadget to know what can be the possible requirement

Choose a multi-service provider company

Some agencies, companies, or dealers are proficient in solving only a part of the problem, for example, they may be well equipped with installing the components and not replacing it while others may know all the functions well.

It is always better to choose the company which can cater to all the probable issues with the devices in question.

Prefer the company which has a valid service license

Check the credibility of the company in regards to the repair services which they offer. The reliable companies generally hire technicians who are trained and possess valid licenses, and at a broader level, the company should have insurance coverage for the repairs.

Get reviews

Things to Know Before Installing Aircon For Condo

In this era of modern technology, it is easy to get a review of the service provider. Just search some online links, and you will come across the recommendations, records, and complaints if any against the company.

Good companies are known for their satisfactory work and have an excellent reputation in the market.

Measure the accessibility

Things to Know Before Installing Aircon For Condo

The repair professionals should be easily reachable as and when required, your service calls should be attended to to fix the device properly as ignoring or delaying can lead to irreparable damage.

Things to Know Before Installing Aircon For Condo – Conclusion

Study the service agreement: Before accepting the services of any company, study the service agreement which the company wants you to sign. The deal will have all their terms and conditions listed.

If the company satisfies your needs, then choose them else carry on your search till you find the best company.

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