How Aircon Servicing Can Save You Money

These days, it has become essential to have an aircon in a household to live a comfortable life especially in tropical areas. You can keep your home free from hot and humid environment by having an air conditioner in it. In order to regulate the temperature of your home perfectly it is recommended to maintain your aircon regularly and properly. The regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit will not only increase the life of your device but also help in saving lots of money as certain parts of your aircon can cost you high if not serviced in time.

You can save few bucks by focusing on certain parts of your AC while going for servicing it. These parts may include: 

The coils: 
Your aircon include coils on its condenser unit and evaporator unit. The dirt getting through the aircon can collect on these coils. So the dirt on these coils should be cleaned frequently. If the coils are insulated with dirt then their efficiency to absorb the heat from the air will be reduced. So your aircon will either do not cool your home or has to work harder to achieve its goal. It can increase your electricity bill along with damaging some other part of your device. So cleaning the coils frequently can save you lots of money.

The filters:
 The filters are considered as one of the main parts of an aircon. If it is dirty then you may not be able to get enough cool air to regulate the temperature of your home as they block the free flow of air into your home. These filters can be cleaned as well as replaced depending upon their condition. It will also increase the consumption of energy by up to 15%, if not cleaned timely. If you can clean or replace the filters yourself then it can be more inexpensive for you otherwise you will have to call a professional service for this purpose. You should clean or replace the filter of your aircon depending upon its usage and condition of the filter.

Condensate drains: 
The drains in your condenser unit should be cleaned frequently by using a stiff wire. It can affect the functioning of your aircon if left clogged for long time. It will not control humidity in your room which can ultimately discolor your wall paintings and carpets etc. in that room. So you should service these drains regularly by removing dirt collected in them.

Window seals:
 The seals on the window on which your window AC is installed should be checked regularly to increase the cooling in your room. If the seal is damaged then hot air from outside can leak into your room which will not allow your aircon to cool the room efficiently, which will again increase your power bill. So seals on the window should be checked regularly.

The coil fins
: These aluminum fins located on the condenser coil and evaporator coil can block the flow of air around the coil as they can bend easily. The professional service you hire for servicing your aircon can use a fin comb to strengthen the fins on the coils. The flow of air on the coils will be free of any obstruction if the fins are straight. It will also reduce your power consumption bill.

Prevent breakdown of the unit: 
If your air conditioning unit is not working well then it can be due to break down of the unit or improper functioning of some of its parts. It may not function properly if its filters are clogged. Similarly, it may not function properly with coils clogged with dirt. So you can prevent break down of the entire AC by servicing it regularly. It will save you lots of money. 

Servicing can reduce medical bills:
 The risk of inhaling dust particles can increase if the filter of your aircon is choked with dirt as your aircon will blow back dust particles into your room. It can increase your medical bill if you have problem in your respiratory system or if your breathing system is delicate. So, regular service of your aircon can save your medical bills also.

In this way, you can save lots of money instead of few bucks at the time of going for aircon services. Along with saving money, perfect aircon services can allow you to live a comfortable life without worrying about any major problem in near future.

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