Replace or Repair Your Aircon (Updated)

Should you replace or repair your aircon? If your aircon unit frequently breaks down in between use and you have noticed that it no longer performs its duties, we know that you are now facing a dilemma on choosing to repair or replace the aircon unit.

Would it be too soon for a replacement? Would repairing the unit be the best choice from a long term perspective? Would a newer air conditioner model be more efficient and convenient? Will replacing my old unit give me the dependability and function that I have been looking for? 

When determining whether you should replace or repair your aircon unit, you need to consider a lot of things for you to make a sound decision. We have compiled all the things you need to know about repairing and replacing an air conditioning system, so keep on reading to find out what they are. 

Installing or repairing aircon
Installing or repairing aircon

Advantages of Replacing Your Aircon Unit

Below are some of the benefits that are associated with an air-conditioning system replacement:

* Substantial Aircon Cost Savings: 

Is the age of your air conditioner system 10 years or more already? If so, the unit’s repair costs would approach at least 45% of the system’s value. You can save a greater deal of energy if you upgrade to a newer and more efficient system.

You could also save up to 19% to 42% percent on cooling cost if you choose to buy a new aircon – the percentage would vary depending on the SEER or the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. 

* Tax Incentives: 

In addition to the energy you would save, which could definitely add up over the new system’s lifetime, available tax incentives and credits would help you save up to an astonishing thirty percent of the new aircon’s cost. Make sure that you look for the aircon system with an Energy Star label because that would mean you can save up to 42% of the total cost.

* Warranty: 

Air conditioning warranty
Air conditioning warranty

A newer aircon unit comes with a warranty, and this could help you save a lot of money from the repair costs as soon as any issue would arise. That is one good reason to replace or repair your aircon.

* Green Benefits: 

The regulatory board for HVACs has mandated that aircon systems must not be harmful to the environment. Therefore new aircon units are protecting the ozone layer. Upgrading to a new air-conditioning system would already serve as your contribution to conserving the lovely planet that we all live in.

Not just that, it would also help you avoid ridiculously high costs for repairing an older air-conditioning system. The reason why repairing an old aircon model is costly is because the supplies are decreased every year. If you have a ten-year-old system, then there is a big chance that its parts are already phased out. 

* Comfort and Air Quality: 

Room comfortable with aircon
Room comfortable with aircon

New air-conditioning units do a much better job in controlling the room’s humidity and temperature, which reduces the development and growth of mold and mildew. It also improves the air quality and comfort in your home by folds. 

* Convenience: 

You do not have to wait any longer for a repair service company to knock on your door and check on your system. Plus, repair services have to search for aircon parts that are very hard to find since they are outdated. All these mean an additional time for you to be uncomfortable in your home because you have no proper cooling system. 

Benefits of Repairing an Old Aircon System 

Repairing air conditioner condenser
Repairing air conditioner condenser

Here is how you can tell if repairing the system would be a wiser choice, as opposed to having it replaced:

* Newer Systems: 

For new and relatively new systems, you still have the unit’s warranty, so you should not replace it. If you don’t, it will make more financial sense if you have it repaired. 

* The Fifty Percent Rule: 

If the repair cost is less than fifty percent of the system’s value and if you have not been suffering from the costs of monthly service calls to keep your aircon up and running, then having it repaired would be a much lesser strain on your checkbook. 

* Moving: 

Repairing air conditioning
Repairing air conditioning

If you plan to move out of your current apartment anytime soon and your aircon system is still working properly, just talk to your local real estate broker and ask whether having it replaced or repaired would serve your best interest. 

* Maintenance: 

If your aircon unit is lying on the fence, a simple maintenance technique will help prolong the system’s lifespan. This would even make an immediate replacement unnecessary. Consult a technician if this would align in your best interests. If so, ask what would take to get a few miles more out of your current aircon unit. 

Recognizing the Signs for Repair vs. Replacement

Below are the signs that would tell you that it is time to call an aircon unit technician:

* Age: 

When it comes to aircon repair vs. replacement, technicians recommend that systems ten or more years old be replaced. Although the units may hang on for just a few more years, they would lose their energy efficiency as time goes on, which would definitely cost you more energy dollars. 

* Frequent Breakdowns: 

If your system cannot handle the demands regarding performance, especially when it is the hottest time of the year, or breaking down multiple times in just a span of one year, then repairing the system would not be in your best interest. There are cases that repairs add up substantially as time goes on, and this would cost you a whole lot more than just investing in a newer aircon unit. 

* Uneven Temperatures: 

Uneven temperatures would serve as an indicator for you of a possible need for a cooling upgrade.

* Noise: 

If your aircon unit needs to overexert itself to keep up with the cooling demands of your home, then it eventually would turn off randomly or become excessively noisy. Maintain and establish a regular air conditioner maintenance schedule so that you can preserve the proper functioning of your system. Also, include annual professional maintenance, so you can prevent problems before they even occur.

If you are unsure whether to repair or replace your air conditioner, give us a call! We are always here to help!

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