How To Fix Broken Aircon Thermostat?

How To Fix Broken Aircon Thermostat? There is no denying the fact that whether it is an air conditioner or refrigerator or other cooling devices, the role of a thermostat is extremely important. When we talk about thermostat in an air conditioner, it helps to keep the temperature constant in the room where the machine has been installed.

Hence, it is important that the thermostat should always be in fine fettle. A broken or damaged thermostat is a big problem and is much more than an annoyance. Without your realizing it, your entire room or even the entire home could get uncomfortably cold or hot. At the same time, it could also lead to loss of energy and given the energy costs today, this is something that you would not like to happen. Hence, it is important to understand the problems and fix a broken thermostat.

How To Fix Broken Aircon Thermostat? –
Understand The Common Signs


Before you get into the task of fixing the broken thermostat, you must try and be sure that the thermostat has been either damaged or broken. This is because the thermostat is fixed deep inside the air conditioner and you will not be able to see it with your naked eyes. Here are a few tell-tale symptoms and signs that perhaps can tell you that there is a problem with the aircon thermostat:

  • The thermostat display is either non-responsive or off.
  • The AC does not cool or heat when it is turned on.
  • Sometimes the cooling and heating may happen, but it gets cut abruptly before the required temperature is reached.

How To Fix Broken Aircon Thermostat? –
What Could Be the Cause?


There could be many reasons for the non-functioning of the thermostat, but most commonly it is because the thermostat has broken. However, if the furnace or AC has some problems even it is quite possible that the thermostat may not work properly. If the ductwork has a leak, it could also lead to improper working of the thermostat. Identifying the root of the problem is important before you could get into the task of repairing the broken or damage aircon thermostat. Here are some simple DIY steps that could help in taking things forward and be sure that the aircon thermostat is broken.

The power circuit should be checked. You should try and find out whether the A/C or furnace receiving power. You should also be sure that the thermostat is also receiving power.

The thermostat batteries may require replacement. In many cases, these simple steps could resolve many thermostat issues.


Clean the thermostat thoroughly. This should not be a problem because there are a few thermostats that can easily be opened. Others might require a bit of effort and you may have to unscrew the faceplate. Thermostats often accumulate nicotine, dust, and other such dirt and debris. All these could impact the efficiency and performance of the thermostats. Use a clean paintbrush or even other soft tools to gently clean and brush away the dust and debris. You also could use compressed air but you should follow the instructions so that you do not end up damaging the thermostat.

You could be having an older type of electromechanical thermostat. Here you ought to be a bit more careful. You may come across a metal strip and it is often in the shape of a coil or circle. You could try to push it slowly in both directions and this could often clean the thermostat. There could be another instruction manual that you may have to follow so that things could be corrected. It might look complicated and difficult the first time around, but with practice, you could do it quite easily.

The Problem Could Be Bigger

If all the above troubleshooting options do not work, it is possible that the problem could be deeper and bigger. It could perhaps be a problem with the wiring or with the entire heating system or the air conditioner itself. In such cases, it would not be advisable to try and correct the problem on the own beyond a point. A better and smarter decision would be to have an air conditioning engineer or mechanic work on it. They have special tools backed by years of experience and expertise. They will be able to identify the root of the problem and take corrective measures.

The Final Word

While in many cases, you would be able to fix a broken aircon thermostat, if things are complicated and difficult, you should not hesitate to spend money on a good air conditioning mechanic.

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