4 Reasons Why Your Aircon Keeps Tripping (Updated)

When living in Singapore, you need an Aircon that works at peak performance, especially during warm seasons such as summer. Unfortunately, you may find that your Aircon keeps on tripping or breaking down all the time. The following are the possible reasons you face that problem and how you can overcome the problems completely for a more comfortable home.

1. Lack of Regular Air Conditioning Service

If you fail to schedule regular maintenance checks for your Aircon, you will have it breaking down regularly. To remain at its peak performance, you have to organize for routine services to have it operating when you need it most. When it’s well serviced, further future breakdowns will be prevented or, in worst cases, irreparable damage. You will also feel more environmentally responsible.

Lack of regular aircon servicing
Lack of regular aircon servicing

2. Failing to Adequately Budget For Maintenance Costs

If you fail to budget for maintenance costs, you will likely have no money for regular servicing. This means that you will be postponing the exercise, and as a result, your aircon will keep on tripping. On the other hand, if you carefully budget for maintenance, your system will work effectively without any concerns.

This helps you save a significant amount of money in the long run since you will not use the money for emergency repairs and replacements. Additionally, you will be able to save costs associated with energy bills. An efficiently working air conditioner means highly reduced monthly energy bills.

3. Lack of User Knowledge on How to Protect the System

Aircon servicing
Aircon servicing

Keeping your aircon at its peak performance needs the combined effort as a user/owner and the professional repair technician expert. What you can do on your part is to acquire the right knowledge on preventing regular tripping. Here is what to look for:

– Clean the filters and coil. You should remove the filters of your Air Con and thoroughly clean them. Remove all grime and dirt from both sides of the filters using a kitchen antiseptic spray and then rinse them with warm water. When you are done, you can replace them in the unit.

– Clean also the coil from any dirt and debris. You should easily locate the heat exchanging coil for a ductless air conditioner, which is behind the filters.

– Clean the vents and Check Air Flow. Improve the airflow by clearing any obstruction from the outdoor unit. Use a clean cloth to wipe the air outlet gently. Ensure that there is proper airflow through the indoor unit. If the airflow is improper, it would mean that either the fan motor or coil is blocked. In that case, hire a professional repair technician to work on it.

– Check to See if There is Rust.
Check and ensure that there are no traces of rust. Use ways to prevent rust; otherwise, you may need to replace some worn-out parts sooner or later or hire an aircon professional repair technician. One way you can curb rust development is by using waterproof paint over steel surfaces. 

– Inspect the Heating and Cooling Functions.
Check to see whether the system alternates between heating and cooling functions effectively. If the alternating is not happening, the reverse valve may be tripping. Discovering this hitch in time will prevent further damage because you will call a professional aircon repair service to sort out the issue. Potential tripping will therefore be done away with. 

4. Hiring Non-qualified servicing Professionals

Aircon maintenance
Aircon maintenance

It is possible to prevent breakdowns by calling in the pros when their services are required. If you hire the right servicing experts, they will be able to look at your system and professionally fix any problem. They will also be in a position to predict any potential problems and hence advice you accordingly. They may require you to buy some spare parts. Qualified repair technicians are affordable and have the right experience as well as the required skills. 

As discussed above, once you have done your bit of checkups, some of your findings necessitate the services of a professional repair technician. It is, therefore, clear that you need to find a reliable and qualified service provider. Here is how:
Safety: As you pick a technician, put safety first. An expert makes sure that your family is safe instead of an amateur who may expose your family and pets to a lot of danger and extra unnecessary costs.

Cost: Choose one that gives you a reasonable quotation for his quality services. When you see very low quotations from your list you intend to choose from, do not jump for the service providers instantly because it may mean that they are not confident in their services. On the other hand, trusted technicians in Singapore do not overcharge. They put all factors, for instance, emergency, into consideration before giving you a quotation.

Referrals: Finding reliable, professional repair technicians may involve asking around from friends, colleagues, and family. Professional organizations in Singapore have made a good name for themselves and will have happy customers referring others. Once you get a name, visit their websites, and learn more about their services. Only hire them if you are convinced that they can deliver. 

Licensed: Choose an air con repair service provider that is licensed. Certified organizations are known to provide more trustworthy services. The service providers you choose should have fulfilled all the government regulations required by the Singapore government. A law-abiding organization is likely to deliver quality repair services because it wants to keep a good reputation for good and booming business. 

Singaporeans need an AC unit to enjoy spending time in their home and offices. Now that you know why your aircon keeps tripping, you will be in a position to keep it in a better functioning status. Personally, keep inspecting the units and call for professional help when it is required. Always schedule for services/maintenance by professional air con repair technicians at the right time and the right cost and the air you breathe shall always be cool and fresh.

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