Best Aircon Brand – Singapore 2019

Best Aircon Brand – Singapore 2019. Planning to install the best air conditioning unit at your home or office in Singapore? Your priority should be to find the best aircon brand. Some people opt for purchasing low-cost air conditioners to save some money. But it is better to choose a reputed brand for this purpose. You can rely on the quality of the products of established brands. As they have earned this position and reputation after a long struggle.

You can find a number of aircon brands in the Singapore market. But three of them are the best and it includes DaikinMitsubishi, and Panasonic. Brief information to help you in buying the best aircon of your home or office.

Best Aircon Brand – Singapore 2019 – Daikin


Daikin is a brand that is known for a wide range of quality products. In Singapore, it is a long-trusted brand. This company is producing electrical appliances for air conditioning units for over 40 years.

People looking for cost-effective options due to their low budget need not compromise to the quality by purchasing high quality as well as long-lasting Daikin air conditioning units. Thu you can buy high-quality products through Daikin.

Best Aircon Brand – Singapore 2019 – Some of the latest Daikin air conditioners form this brand may include:

Split Type Air Conditioners from Daikin

Daikin is a stylish and simple appliance that has been designed to match any interior décor. Econo mode for improved operations, the Intelligent Eye or sensor to detect motion and quiet operation of its indoor and outdoor units are some of the best features of this Daikin aircon.

Smile Multi-Split Series from Daikin

Daikin air conditioners from this series are becoming popular in Singapore because of its compact and stylish design. This aircon series has merely 19 dB sound level and strongest cooling capacity as compared to the air conditioners of the same configurations from other brands. Additional units can be installed flexibly in the home or office due to its Super Flexi Usage feature. Moreover, this air conditioner can also be controlled by using Daikin’s Smartphone.

Best Aircon Brand – Singapore 2019 – Panasonic


Panasonic is one of the widely used brands as it offers health, beauty, and comfort through its simple but functional products. This brand is active in this country since 1955 and produces a wide range of high-quality innovative air conditioners on the basis of its long experience. With the slogan A Better Life, A Better World’ Panasonic is leading the world market due to its innovative products. This brand is known not only for its wide range of products but also for the constant improvement in its quality.

Some of the latest air conditioners introduced by Panasonic include:

Single-Split Type INVERTER series form Panasonic

The air conditioners are ecologically safe. As the nanotechnology used in them removes harmful elements almost completely to provide the cleanest air in your room. They also include a combination of the Human Activity Sensor and ECONAVI sensor to monitor the movement of mankind. They can also adjust the cooling of the aircon as per the intensity of sunlight with the help of Sunlight Sensor used in them. Thus, by controlling the temperature accurately these air conditioners can save energy along with providing you maximum comfort,

Multi-Split XS INVERTER series from Panasonic

Though most of the features of the aircon of multi-split series are similar to single-split series still it is different from the former one due to its space-saving feature.


Mitsubishi Electric is the most popular Japanese home appliance brand in Singapore. They produce products of the highest quality, consistency, and reliability for their customers.

Some of the latest air conditioners introduced by Mitsubishi include:


Inverter Single Split Series from Mitsubishi Electric

The features of the air conditioner include anti-allergy and enzyme filters, easy clean system and air purifying the system. As to ensure the flow of the best quality air. On the basis of the difference in the temperature of indoor and outdoor air with the help of the inverter technology used in it. All of its features make this aircon extremely cost and energy-efficient.

Starmex MSXY FN Series from Mitsubishi Electric

It is the latest series of air conditioners from this brand. It has obtained an energy-efficient label from National Environment Agency or NEA. On the basis of its high-performance compressor and advanced technologies used in it. It allows you to have a peaceful sleep at night due to its exceptionally quiet performance.

Other reasons to choose Mitsubishi air conditioners


Energy efficiency: The air conditioners introduced by Mitsubishi are very efficient in consuming energy. They cool your room efficiently and fast due to Advance Inverter technology used in them. Their low operating cost makes them the best for the hot weather of Singapore.

Durability: They save you lots of money by reducing the chances of their repair and replacement.

Quiet performance: The air conditioners from Mitsubishi brand allow you to enjoy a sound sleep in your bedroom. Due to their exceptionally quiet performance as compared to others in their class.

Easy maintenance: It is easy to maintain Mitsubishi aircon due to its simple and quick cleaning design. Their filters, fans, and vents can be cleaned easily.

Thus, the information provided about the three most popular aircon brands in Singapore can help you in choosing the best aircon for your home or office.

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