Why My Aircon Pipe Cover Grow Mushrooms?

Why My Aircon Pipe Cover Grow Mushrooms? Mushroom accumulation around the aircon pipe cover is cause for concern. Sometimes it hints at an aircon leak or a clog in the AC’s drainage system. Other times, the room will turn into a breeding environment for mold growth.

No matter what is the cause of mushrooms, you have to address it quickly. Else, it will spoil the air quality and trigger health issues.

What causes aircon pipe cover mushrooms?

Why My Aircon Pipe Cover Grow Mushrooms?

When mushrooms appear in any place of your house, it means they got all favorable conditions for this. Your task is to identify what has caused mold to arise, and jump immediately into finding solutions. The factors triggering the mushroom invasion of the pipe cover might be both interior and exterior nature.

Let’s take a look at each of them.

1. Room high humidity

We’ll start with a cause that entails easier solutions and less headache. Before suspecting some clog or leak in the aircon’s system, pay attention first to the humidity levels in your room. Humidity is one of the favorable conditions that stimulate mushroom growth.

So if the air is extremely humid, be ready to welcome some nasty guests. The mold grows mostly on walls and ceilings. This makes aircon pipe casing a perfect location for a mold camp.


To prevent further mold growth on the pipe cover, you have to bring the humidity levels in your room down. Drier air will not be so attractive for the mushrooms, so they will leave your house. Use a dehumidifier to remove excess humidity, while not allowing it to make the air too dry. Let it work for just as long as to ensure optimal humidity in the room.

Of course, don’t forget to remove the mold around the pipe cover. You can use bleach, but if the wallpaper is any other color than white, switch to another disinfectant. Bleach will fade the color of your wall, making it lose its aesthetic value.

2. Drain pipe leak

Why My Aircon Pipe Cover Grow Mushrooms?

A drain pipe leak may also lead to mushroom growth on its casing. The condensation water from the pipe will sneak through the leak, reaching the cover. As long as you can’t notice the moisture in the tunnel between the casing and pipe, mold will have time to grow.

If you perform aircon maintenance check-ups quite often, you may identify the moisture and wipe it down. However, if you skip maintenance, a mushroom accumulation will appear on the wall soon.


Finding the moisture and wiping it down is not a full solution to the problem. You will have to identify the leak and repair it. You are better off calling in a professional to do it. Not only he is more skilled at repairing the leak, but also has precise tools for detecting even the tiniest crack.

3. Drain pipe clog

Sometimes the leak will come along with a clog. The drain pipe may accumulate dirt and debris up until it creates a blockage. The condensation water will back up, having no possibility to drain further through the pipe. The dirty pipe walls along with the stagnant water will be excellent ground for mold growth.

But how does the mold gets on the pipe casing? For this, you will need a leak in the drain pipe. If it exists, the mold will soon make itself visible on the wall.

Of course, the 3rd scenario is the worst, because if there wasn’t a leak, you would know about the clog much later. The aircon repairs would be more expensive. So, ironically, in this case, the mushrooms on the pipe cover may save your life.


Besides removing the mushrooms with disinfectant, you will have to fix the aircon. Hire a professional to properly unclog the drain pipe as well as repair the leak. You may need to spend more money if the professional will advise you to replace the old clog.

Why My Aircon Pipe Cover Grow Mushrooms? – Conclusion

As you may have seen from the article, there are several factors that cause mushroom growth on the aircon pipe cover. If you notice any mushroom, you have to quickly identify its trigger. It can be both inside the aircon system and outside it.

As soon as you understand what is the cause, start searching for solutions. You will much better off if you hire a professional to help you solve the problem.

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