What Causes Aircon to Leak?

What Causes Aircon to Leak?
What Causes Aircon to Leak?

Singapore is a beautiful country. The hottest months in Singapore are April and May. With these important fact about Singapore, you will be able to understand why aircon leak and why these problem is common in Singapore. Aircons remove dry heat and moderate temperatures in the houses for the comfort if the occupants.

 Several reasons have come up showing why Aircon leak in Singapore. This has become a challenge for most house owners. Here are some of the causes of Aircon leakage;

1.) Clogging of the Drain line.

Clogging of the drain line is what causes most Aircons to clog. Clogging occurs as a result of accumulation of plant debris, growing mould and some different species of fungi among others. When these factors clog the drain line, there would be a delay in the flow of the unit’s of water out of the Aircon. 

From the Statistics, Singapore being a humid and hot nation, the aircon will always run out of most of the time because of its climatic condition. This results in slow intake of water and so the build up will not occur more often. Clogging of the drain line will leave small or no passage of water. As a result, water will try to find a way out hence leaking will occur. This is a common feature in most Aircon owners in Singapore. When you see such a problem, contact the nearby qualified Aircon specialist for a repair before it is too late.

2.) Improper Installation of the Air Conditioner.

When the Air conditioner is not placed at a correct position, there is a high chance of leaking taking place. A faulty connection in the drainage system such as loose connections can also lead to the same. Placing an air conditioner in a slanted manner, will cause it to malfunction. This is because, a tilted Aircon will not be able to drain water properly. To avoid this condition occurring, always make sure that your Aircon is at the right position. If it was placed at a wrong position, be sure to contact an Aircon specialist for correct positioning. 

3.) Bad insulation of the Aircon

When buying an air conditioner, you will notice that, at its back, there is an insulation fitted where the unit connect with the wall. When this insulation is faulty, it will result in the leaking of the Aircon. This is because, the insulation at the back of the Aircon helps it to absorb condensed water in pipes, closer to the wall. This is because of the humid conditions in Singapore. If the insulation isn’t installed rightfully, or it has worn out, it will lose its ability to absorb water leading to leaking of water. 

4.) Low levels of Refrigeration 

It is important to note that, a low refrigerant will lower the pressure inside your air conditioner. This will in turn cause the the coil to freeze. The freezing will result in the low performance of your Aircon, because the drain can no longer function normally. This will definitely result in a leak of the Aircon. This is common in Singapore, because of the fluctuating temperatures. Always check your refrigerator and ensure that the levels have balanced. 

5.) Breaking of the Condensate Pump.

A condensate pump is a device that is below the coils. Its work is to pump water properly and prevent any leakage. When the condensate pump is broken, or malfunctions, as a result of dirt accumulation, there would be a leak. This is because, the condensate pump is not malfunctioning, as it is supposed to. This will result in the Aircon leaking. A condensate pump is important and if such a problem occurs, always contact an Aircon specialist. 

6. ) Freezing of the Evaporator Coil

An evaporator coil is located inside the blower door of your Air condition. When you open this door, you can actually see the evaporator coil. When you open this door, and you discover that frozen ice has accumulated inside, it only means one thing, that the rate of melting is slower, and this results in water spilling over the drain pan. 
One of the main causes of a frozen evaporator coil is a dirty filter, whose work is to prevent overflow of air over the coil. When warm air is restricted from passing through it, the temperature in the coil will drop gradually and as a result, the accumulated air appear. 

7.) Rusting of the drain Pan. 

When there is a continuous mix of air(oxygen) and water, this results in rusting. The drain pan is made up of metal, it is easier for it to rust. Continuous accumulation of the rust in the drain pan will cause clogging. This will in turn prevent the flow of water. As a result, there will be spilling, causing a leakage. 

8.) Poor maintenance of the Air Conditioner.

Just like any other device, the Air conditioner needs to be serviced and maintained now and then. It is important to clean your Aircon from time to time, ensure that the right personnel checks for you if there are any problems. Check if evaporator coil is functioning properly and has not rusted. Ensure all the parts are working in other words. 

9.) Leakage in the Condenser Coil.

The condenser unit of the Aircon is usually located outside your house. This unit is made up of a compressor, a condenser coil and a blower fan. This outdoor unit is more likely to accumulate dust and debris which may lead to blockage. This is a common phenomenon here in Singapore.

Finally, it is important to know very well how to take good care of your aircon. Singapore has a tropical climate and that is why Aircons leak. Always find a qualified personnel to take care of your aircon.

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