The Best System 4 Aircon For HDB

The Best System 4 Aircon For HDB – System 4 aircon is a great invention that helps to cool more rooms at once using just one compressor. Their incredible power eliminates the need to install several separate units for each room.

This allows homeowners to save money and energy on aircon installation, maintenance and repairs. If you live in a 4-room HDB, you rather prefer a system 4 unit to 4 separate aircons. A single compressor will help you save electricity and get lower bills.

But which system 4 aircon are the best? Given its complex structure and expensive manufacturing process, not all companies have the courage to create such giants. Here are some world-renowned brand names that you should look for when buying such a system.


If you are fan of Daikin, there is good news for you. The giant brings on the market a powerful system 4 unit for all owners of multi-room houses. This model consists of one compressor with a capacity of 27300 BTU. This allows to blow sufficient cool air in 4 small bedrooms.

There are 9000 BTU for each room blower. This is quite enough to freshen up each room in a summer day with temperately high temperatures. However, to make that possible, you have to ensure the correct installation of the unit.

Specifically, you have catered to the location of the compressor. You need to mount it in a place with generous ventilation. This will allow the compressor to cool down fast and avoid malfunction.

The unit has an air-purifying filter to ensure that the air gets rid of nasties before entering the room. If you worry about potential noise the giant can make, there is no cause for concern. The quietest sound level is 30 db. In your better understanding, it is the sound of someone whispering.

2. Mitsubishi STARMEX System 4

The Best System 4 Aircon For HDB

This monster from Mitsubishi has a capacity of 33000 BTU. The compressor sends the airflow to 4 blowers that you install in the house. The capacity of each blower is different. So you can choose what unit to install, depending on the size of the room.

The inverter is a crucial element of the aircon that helps to save electricity. It automatically turns the blower off once the air has reached the set temperature. In this way, the aircon will not work non-stop until you shut it manually.

This means that the compressor will consume just as much energy as it needs, preventing you from facing high bills. Despite its outstanding power, the unit has a maximum sound level of 50 DB.


Panasonic hasn’t fallen behind its rivals. It also provides a system 4 aircon that aims to cool your large property with limited energy consumption. The system consists of a big compressor that feeds 4 blowers found in 4 rooms.

Each blower has a capacity of 9000 BTU. It means that all rooms will get an equal amount of cool. If you install the aircon in the bedroom, you may want it to provide little noise. Panasonic made this system with tranquility and comfort in mind. It can come to operate at a minimum of 29 DB, which is about the sound of the clock ticking.

You will be also happy to know that the unit has an advanced system of air purification. Before reaching the pipes, the air goes through a filter that cleans it of all impurities. This aircon would be your perfect choice if you live in an area with heavy traffic.

By installing it, you make sure that not a single contaminant enters your house through the pumped air. You will get clean air that is free of unpleasant smells.

The Best System 4 Aircon For HDB – Conclusion

The Best System 4 Aircon For HDB

Altogether, if you look for a reliable system 4 aircon, Daikin, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic are worth your attention. All three brands provide system 4 units with an effective cooling capacity that spreads fresh air all over your house.

The single compressors are enough to cool 4 small rooms during an average summer day. They have filters to prevent all kinds of impurities from entering your house. Along with that comes a surprisingly quiet operation.

Advanced manufacturing technology allowed to make these monsters to generate little noise, preventing them from disturbing you. If you are looking to install system 4 aircon for 4 room HDB, you can contact us!

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