Where Is Drainpipe On Air Conditioner

Where Is Drainpipe On Air Conditioner? Before knowing where the drainpipe of your air conditioner is, you should know what you are looking for. The drainpipe is a piece of apparatus that drains the condensation present in the air.

The water comes from the home and goes to the handler outside. This way, the air in your home is dry along with the desired temperature.

If this pipe clogs, it may cause water leaks and may damage your home. This leads to other issues in your home that you are not ready for. Continue reading the article to know more about them.

How to find out your air conditioner drainpipe:

Where Is Drainpipe On Air Conditioner?

The air conditioner drain pipe is otherwise called a condensate drain. It consists of a small dripping pipe outside your home where the AC unit resides. The drainpipe plays an integral role in the functioning of your air-con unit.

You need to find the condensate line to begin unclogging it for moisture. This way, your home can be free from moisture and other problems associated with it.

How much water comes through the drainpipe?

Where Is Drainpipe On Air Conditioner?

In most homes, the drainpipe from the air conditioning unit conveys water to the drain outside the home. In some houses, you may find the drain pipe connects to the household sewer. The evaporator coil sends about 5 gallons of water down the drainpipe in a day.

This is when the relative humidity is lower than 50 percent most of the time and in a dry climate. In very humid climates, the drainpipe conveys around 20 gallons of water a single day.

What is clogging your air conditioner drainpipe?

When your air conditioning unit works hard during the hot days, clogging can happen on the drainpipe. It is seen that almost every drainpipe of a unit is blocked by a large amount of mold or algae. Because of this, you can face some issues.

The mold or algae creates a blocked pipe and increases the humidity in the home. The clogged pipe creates a musty odor that makes it somehow impossible to breathe. And, the water can damage many parts of the interior of your home.

Similar things can happen if the problem arises in your business place or office.

What do you need while cleaning the blocked drainpipe?

Where Is Drainpipe On Air Conditioner?

Now that you have a clogged drainpipe, you have to clean it. You may need certain tools when you are thinking about cleaning the clogged drainpipe. When you are maintaining the drainpipe, you can follow the same steps with tools.

Here are the following items for cleaning the blocked pipe.

  • Distilled vinegar
  • A dry or wet vacuum
  • A funnel
  • Rags

After you have got the tools close at hand, you are ready to maintain or clean the drainpipe. Below you will have an idea about how to clean or maintain those pipes.

Simple steps to clean or maintain your AC unit’s drain line:

  • Kill the power that goes to your air conditioning unit. You can do it at your thermostat and breaker
  • When your air handler is placed indoors, you have to find the condensate pan. It is located under the AC unit
  • If you find lots of standing water in the drain-pan, you can be sure that the pipe is clogged
  • Make use of a shop vacuum to remove the moisture and debris accumulated in that place.
  • Use the rags you have brought to soak up the water. Clean the pan with soap
  • Try to pinpoint the access point on the condensate line. The line looks like a T-shaped vent along with a PVC cover
  • Remove the PVC cover and inspect the pipe in a proper way. Take distilled vinegar and flush the pipe.
  • Allow the solution of distilled vinegar to sit for about 30 minutes
  • Finish the process by flushing the drainpipe with water
  • You can do that a few more times until you find them clean
  • Now that the pipe becomes unclogged, water should be running freely through it

Where Is Drainpipe On Air Conditioner – Conclusion:

If the water is running down your ceiling and you are not able to fix that, you can contact professionals. They can provide you with the very best of their services. They will clean the clogged drainpipe and provide sanitizing compounds so that algae and molds can’t build up with ease.

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