What Causes Condensation In Aircon Trunking? (Updated)

First and foremost, condensation in aircon trunking is quite normal because after the air conditioner cools or warms up your house, some of the moisture or water droplets formed during the process need to end up somewhere.

Therefore, it’s important to understand that there are normally two condensation lines, and that is the primary condensation drip line and the backup condensation drip line. So when you start noticing some dripping from the backup condensation drip line or leaking from the air conditioner, it is normally an indicator of various issues.

Most of the time, no one should notice the condensation in an aircon trunking because it should be able to automatically get rid of the moisture that builds up during the air conditioning process. Otherwise, these are some of the reasons that could be causing the condensation:

Aircon trucking
Aircon trucking

Poor Insulation

One of the key causes of condensation in aircon trunking is when the insulation is not thick enough. This is normally not your fault but rather the company or people that installed your air conditioning system.

In most cases, some of the best companies will normally advise you appropriately on the thickness of the insulation needed for the place you would like an air conditioner. Unless it’s out of malice, a professional company will ensure that the air conditioner runs efficiently for a couple of years and will use high-quality insulation materials to reduce condensation risks in the AC trunking.

Poorly Installed Trunk

This normally means that the trunk joints did not properly fit into each other when the air conditioner was installed. So when condensation occurs, the moisture or water droplets leak through the aircon joints.

Therefore, the best solution for such a case is reinstallation of the trunk and, most importantly, by a professional AC technician. You may also need to make sure that you are at least there when the installation is being done to ensure that you know how it’s being done.

Blockage on the trap floor

Aircon floor trap
Aircon floor trap

In most cases, the moisture builds up and leads to blockage of the trap floor, where instead of the trap floor draining the moisture, it builds up the water droplets. It is normally advised that you consider hiring an air conditioner technician if that is the case.

The reason being the pipes are normally trunked in a case which makes it a bit complicated to unblock the pipe yourself. Therefore, if that could be the case, contact any of the aircon technicians.

In other words, many things can lead to condensation in the trunk leading to dripping water droplets in your house. It can be annoying, especially if the water dripping ends up damaging your floor or walls. Therefore, you should handle the issue on time and make sure you have someone look at the aircon.

Otherwise, always make sure it’s a good service provider installing your air conditioner or repairing it. If you have a warranty, please use it and let your service provider handle the issue since any DIY fixing often limits or compromises your warranty.

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