How To Do Your Own Aircon Servicing?

How To Do Your Own Aircon Servicing
How To Do Your Own Aircon Servicing?

An air conditioner is an important component for any home or business. It cools or heats the air coming into your home, and therefore makes life indoors comfortable for the occupants . But to function at its peak, this system needs to be regularly maintained and cleaned. So do you hire the professionals or can you do it on your own? A professional air conditioner check-up or service can cost you big money, but you can save that cash by doing simple maintenance on your system .Even better, it’s not as hard as it may seem if you follow the steps and get the necessary equipment and tools.

Tips on DIY aircon servicing 

1. Service the air-filters

A filter is one of the key components of an air-conditioning unit. It eliminates dust, bacteria and other harmful components from the air you breathe. If neglected, it might result in the onset of fungi & bacteria which might cause illness. So make sure to clean your filters at least every 2 weeks to keep them dust-free and enhance their life. 

First remove the casing that covers the filter. Next, remove the filter, wipe it with a piece of cloth and then clean it with a mixture of non-abrasive soap & water. Ensure that it’s completely dried off before you reattach it to the conditioning unit. If the filter is worn out, you should consider replacing it with a new one from a local store. Apart from the regular filters, there are others that you can use but be sure to check with a professional first.

2. Service the ducts 

Overtime, debris and dust particles may accumulate into your unit’s air ducts which may affect its overall efficiency. To avoid this, vacuum the ducts as frequently as possible. You may also consider hiring a professional about once a year to give the ducts a thorough cleaning.

3. Check whether the condensing unit is blocked

The part of the conditioner that sucks air into the unit should always be uncovered. If there are any obstructions such as furniture or debris around it, eliminate them.

4. Clear the drain

An air conditioner’s drain needs to be vacuumed annually to avoid a backup that could lead to mold growth in the unit and water damage to the ceilings and walls. If possible, get a cap from your hardware store to place on the end of the drain. Once you’ve capped it, locate the end of your drain outside and clear it using a dry vacuum. This will suck out all dirt and debris. Remove the cap when done.

5. Clean the conditioner coils 

Before you start cleaning your air-conditioner coils, ensure you first disconnect the power from the system. Wet the part you want to clean with a garden hose and then spray a commercial air-conditioner cleaner (can be bought from a HVAC supplier) to the coils, making sure to use gloves & safety glasses. Leave it to sit for a couple of minutes and then rinse it thoroughly with the hose. The fins can be cleaned with a fin comb. In case they are bent, use the comb to straighten them.

6. Clean your condenser fan 

Cleaning the condenser is important in order to prevent any serious technical issues and avoid repairs which are often very costly. Use a brush to eliminate the dust or debris that will have settled on the fan.

7. Check the Freon levels

An air conditioner does not consume Freon coolant so under normal conditions, you would not need to fill or change the Freon. However, it can help to regularly check for leaks or other possible irregularities particularly with the older models. 

8. Lubricate the fan motor

To detach the setscrew that holds the fan in place, you need to first remove the cover. Next , carefully remove the fan to access the oil ports. Lube the fan motor with the lubricant recommended by the manufacturer.

9. Conduct routine check-ups

Check the various components of your air conditioning unit like thermostat, fuses and breakers regularly. Ensure all connections are properly in place.
If you service your air conditioner in Singapore on a regular basis , you’ll not only be able to save money on repairs but will also save on electricity bills . It will ensure that the system runs as efficiently as possible .

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