How To Fix Air Conditioner Water Leaking?

Having a water dripping aircon? When you own an air conditioner, it can be very messy if its water starts leaking. Moreover, a water leaking air conditioner can also ruin your home’s interior. Aircon servicing is necessary to ensure that water leaking does not become a major problem in your air conditioner. In order to avoid aircon leaking, you can simply follow a basic process that will allow you to avoid any kind of aircon repair during hot weather, when an air conditioner is really needed. This process can be followed on your own and you will not have to hire any labor or spend a huge amount of money.

First of all, you will have to pull your air conditioner from the window. It will be better to do this on a sunny day. This is because sunshine would help the air conditioner to easily dry out once we are done with this aircon repair process. Now, place the air conditioning unit on a firm surface. It is very important not to place the unit on dirt or grass. This may damage the outer covering of your air conditioner.

The next step is to remove the outer metal covering of your air conditioner. You can easily do this with a screwdriver. Usually, four to six screws hold the unit in the frame. Carefully observe the interior of the air conditioning unit. You will be able to see a plastic tray on the bottom. This is a drain tray which allows condensed water to flow towards outdoors and drip to the ground. You will also notice dust and bacteria growth in the drain tray. Due to the dust and bacteria growth, aircon servicing is necessary on a regular basis. In order to clean the drain tray, you can pour some house bleach in it. Let it stay there for about ten minutes.

The next step is to connect the outdoor spigot with a garden hose. Remember to attach a spray nozzle to the garden hose. With moderate pressure, start spraying some water in the interior of your air conditioning unit. You should also spray some water on the drain tray. This will help you to remove any solid debris that settles at the bottom of the tray. Moreover, also spray some water on interior and exterior coils. It is also important to remove the interior filter and clean it.

Once you have cleaned the interior and exterior coils, you are almost done with the aircon repair process. Just pour another cup of bleach into the drain tray. Let it stay there for another ten minutes. After this, you should thoroughly rinse the air conditioning unit with fresh water. Once you are done, check the unit and make sure it has been thoroughly cleaned. Keep the air conditioning unit in an open area and let it dry under the sun. Once the air conditioning unit is completely dry, place the exterior cover before placing the air conditioner back into the window. This will resolve any aircon leaking problem for at least another season.

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