Why Is My Aircon Condenser Leaking Water? (Updated)

Today, there is an appliance or two that needs to be serviced after a while in every house. The appliances don’t need to be broken down to be serviced; they also need to be inspected by professionals after a stated period of time, depending on the device. If you happen to have air conditioning in your house, it may accidentally leak.

You don’t have to be an Aircon expert to identify this. The great thing is that if you happen to live within Singapore and its environment, finding a professional in such an appliance is just a call away. Singapore Aircon Servicing companies are in a position to identify what might have caused your AirCon condenser leaking problem. 

Outdoor condenser
Outdoor condenser

They include;

A Broken Pump

This is one common problem that may have to happen to your condenser. To find out if this has happened before you can call an AirCon repair expert, try and pour a sizeable amount of water into its pan. The pump should be in a position to pump even the excess water. If it cannot, it is about that time a professional should be called.

Poor Installation
This can be an obvious reason that is causing your air conditioner to leak. AirCon condenser leaking happens if the installation was done in a shoddy manner. For example, if the pumps were not tightened appropriately, too much pressure inside the pump may cause it to leak. The condenser unit also needs to be at the correct level. The AirCon vents should be open at all times, as closing them may amount to excess pressure that can lead to a leak.

Closed Drain Hole
A condenser often has a drain hole that usually removes water from the unit. If debris constantly accumulates, it will act as an obstacle inside the tubes, causing it to penetrate where it is not intended. Make sure to check if the tubes are clogged or not. You can try and remove them, and if that does not offer an instant solution, an AirCon expert comes in handy.

Repairing Aircon condenser
Repairing Aircon condenser

Outside Temperature that is Too Cold
If the temperature outside is beyond in terms of coldness, this may lead to an additional amount of water within the unit. This formed water will not evaporate as usual due to cold outside temperature hence leading to unintended pooling. This might take a few minutes to disappear, especially when your AirCon gains heat.

Leakage of Air
Unintended air that is warm can penetrate the unit if the air conditioner’s seal has not been fastened appropriately. Warm air will then force the moisture to condense immediately. It comes across cold air.

This may not cause an AirCon condenser leaking trouble if the warm air is not enough. In case it forces its way in plenty, the condensed moisture will lead its way beneath the unit, causing a leak. To avert this, you need to reseal any part of the unit that appears open. 

It is also wise to understand that you might end up causing much trouble by trying to do AirCon repair by yourself. The best thing to do is find an Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore that will save you from this temporary problem.

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