What Causes Aircon Coil To Freeze?

Want to know what causes aircon coil to freeze? AC unit is a very essential equipment especially if you want to live in a conducive environment. However, there is a lot of challenges that are accompanied by the freezing of the AC coils as a result of negligence and other mechanical problems.

Well if your AC is freezing up the most important step to do is to turn off the system to a cool down. I know it can be a devastating situation but luckily I’ve provided some possible reasons why your AC coils could be freezing. Read on and find out.

What causes the aircon coil to freeze

The following are possible reasons why your aircon coils are freezing

Dirty air filters

What Causes Aircon Coil To Freeze?

It is important to understand that your AC requires a continuous flow of air so that it can function optimally. However, when there are dirty filters it will obstruct effective airflow which implies that the coils will get cold. Additionally, the ice formed will obstruct effective flow which eventually solidifies into a block of ice thus leading to blockages. condensation occurs hence making the coils freeze and become waterlogged. It is usually recommended to do a cross-check to ensure the filters are in good condition when freezing of the coils.

Refrigerant leaks

What Causes Aircon Coil To Freeze?

Refrigerant is responsible for the regulation of temperature and pressure which allows it to absorb heat. Therefore if leakages occur it implies that the pressure drop hence it will make the refrigerant absorb more heat leading to freezing of the coils. When this happens it is important to hire a professional to fix the leakage instead of refilling the refrigerant because it might leak again.

Leakages are perceived as an environmental hazard because it leads to pollution. So it is important to fix it with immediate effect. Refrigerant leakages can lead to other problems because it compromises with the overall performance of the system. Therefore ensure HVAC professional does frequent maintenance to check if there are any leakages.

Damaged Thermostat

What Causes Aircon Coil To Freeze?
Aircon Thermostat

Thermostats are very essential in your AC because they are used in regulating the temperatures. When they sense an abnormal rise in temperature the thermostat will ensure that the temperature has been brought to the normal levels to ensure there is a steady flow of temperature so that the AC coils are never too cold or too hot.

Therefore if there is the malfunctioning of thermostats then it can cause frozen coils. To prevent this from happening it is important to conduct frequent maintenance of thermostat and other integral components of the AC unit to ensure that the temperature is maintained at optimal levels. If this occurs it is important to do the replacement as soon as possible to ensure the AC unit is functioning optimally.

Blocked condensate lines

Aircon Repair

Condensate drains are very essential in an AC unit because they drain away from the water that is build up from humidity. The condensate will be channeled through the floor drain through the pipes to ensure there is no accumulation of water. However, when the condensate line is clogged water will freeze in the pipe causing an obstruction near the evaporator coil hence leading to the cooling of the AC which subsequently leads to freezing of the coil.

Damaged blower fan

Cleaning Aircon

Blower fan facilitates air circulation by drawing in cold air from the environment and expelling the warm air. It ensures the air conditioner functions optimally because it helps in the regulation of the temperature. When the blower is faulty then it implies that the airflow will be compromised hence condensation will occur in the coils because of compromised evaporation.

Additionally, the condensate line will also freeze leading to more problems. This is because there is an inadequate supply of heat in the pipes leading to clogging as a result of condensation. That is why It is very important to ensure your blower fan is fixed appropriately.

What Causes Aircon Coil To Freeze? – Conclusion

The freezing of AC coils is a frustrating and common problem that most homeowners face. However, the good news is that most of such problems are preventable if you embark on frequent maintenance. Therefore, you need to hire a professional to ensure the unit is functioning optimally thus preventing leakages, clogs, and mechanical failures. This will save you from other mechanical breakdowns. By doing this you will save money on frequent maintenance and huge electrical bills.

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