4 Reasons Why Aircon Not Cold Even After Servicing (Updated)

Your aircon is not cold even after servicing? With Singapore homeowners suffering through some of the hottest weather in recent years, a well-functioning AC system is necessary to combat the heat and humidity. Most modern air conditioners last for more than 8 years, but even the most managed systems, at times, do not provide air that is cold enough to keep you and your family comfortable.

An air conditioning system producing warm air is never welcome, but this may not be a serious problem. Sometimes, even after getting your system properly serviced, it produces warm air that makes the atmosphere uncomfortable.

Here are the 4 most common reasons why your air conditioner is producing warm air despite being properly serviced.

Aircon not cold even after servicing
Aircon not cold even after servicing

Your condenser may have been damaged.

A condenser is a part of an AC system where the refrigerant is converted back into a liquid. The condenser may sometimes get frozen if the system is dirty or run inefficiently, and if the problem is not treated immediately, the condenser may get broken down completely.

Although rare, a damaged aircon condenser is a serious problem and cannot be solved without professional help. Qualified HVAC technicians can fix the problem of broken condense and tell you when it’s time to upgrade.

Your refrigerant might be low

One of the common causes of air conditioning systems blowing hot air is the shortage of refrigerant. This may also cause ice to accumulate in the evaporator because it never reaches the right temperature and therefore never shuts off at any stage.

When the temperature is right for your room, Periodic shutoffs let the ice melt in the evaporator, so little refrigerant leads to a spiral of hot air and ice on the evaporator.

Regular maintenance of your AC can eliminate this problem before it happens because an HVAC technician checks the refrigerant level and makes sure that everything in your system is working properly.

Low aircon gas
Low aircon gas

Your condenser can be frozen.

The coil of the condenser is the part of the air conditioning system that sits outside the house. This coil is responsible for removing heat from the inside of the house and releasing it outside. If you have not been getting regular maintenance of the HVAC system, the dust, dirt, and debris collected by the filter can actually freeze the coils and stop working properly.

Mechanical problems

Many times during the summer, your air conditioner can run all afternoon, if not all day! This is hard for the mechanical equipment present inside. Most of the outside unit’s time fan motor goes bad, but if you have a big problem, the compressor can be locked down.

This is not good because the compressor is the core of the system, and the refrigerant cannot be moved without it. Common repairs are done to replace a bad fan motor, but sometimes you need to replace the compressor.

Remember that regular maintenance is by far the best way to prevent some of the problems mentioned above. Regular maintenance keeps your system in a fit and workable condition.

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