Is Aircon servicing Essential Services during the Circuit Breaker?

Is Aircon servicing Essential Services during the Circuit Breaker? Life can get really frustrating if aircon services are halted during the circuit breaker period in Singapore. Air conditioners play a very vital role during summers. It is necessary to provide air conditioners for servicing from time to time. During the circuit breaker period, people are not being able to contact aircon servicing as they have stopped operations as per government regulations.

MTI has informed that all businesses in Singapore to be categorized under essential and non-essential services. Essential products and services can be purchased during the circuit breaker period whereas non-essential services are exempted from purchase. MOM has clearly stated that employers whose companies have been approved by MTI are regarded as an essential services company.  

After careful study, it has been seen that Aircon servicing falls under the non-essential services which are not completely exempted by MTI. Aircon servicing is necessary now as summers have arrived. Apart from homes, there are a lot of offices and industries that regularly do aircon servicing during summers. MTI rules and regulations have clearly stated that aircon servicing is not essential. Many people have a strong belief it is essential during summers and should be allowed to function.

Professionals can only be hired if aircon servicing is very necessary as it falls under non-essential services. Employers providing these services have to file an application to the MTI for general exemptions. Only after submitting the application companies can start services stating clearly the period of operation along with manpower requirements. Companies have to follow social distancing and make sure employees going for services outside take all necessary steps.

In order to stay safe, several precautions have to be taken while providing aircon servicing.

Get MTI approval before providing non-essential services


Employers have to apply for approval from the MTI as the services fall under the non-essential category. Only once the approval is accepted operations can be started. Employers have to take all steps necessary to keep employees safe during their work.

Teach employees about social distancing


Employees should be enlightened regarding social distancing before going out for work. Start with teaching them the benefits of social distancing during these tough times. Employees should make sure they have understood all necessary measures and are ready to abide by them.

Take measures against spreading community transmission


Employers have to make sure all employees going out to provide aircon servicing have taken additional measures. These measures help to stop community transmission. It is necessary to take temperature screening before sending employees for work, especially in hotspot areas. Keep in mind to make minimum contact on the way to work and also during work.

Provide workers with protective gear


Service providers are at high risk when going out in the market for providing their services. There is a huge chance of contact with various people on the way to work. These contacts can only be avoided by wearing proper gear to work. In order to keep them safe, they should be provided with all necessary gears like hand gloves, masks, shields, and sanitizers.

Companies should provide housing facilities incase their employees are affected by the virus


Employers should make sure as per the government norms that a proper housing facility is provided to employees. There are many chances of them being affected by the virus. If they find any employee affected due to working out they have to inform the related government department about it. The only solution to the virus is isolation so employers should make sure to provide proper hygienic places to stay. They also have to make sure affected employees get proper food from time to time.

Is Aircon servicing Essential Services during the Circuit Breaker? – Conclusion

This circuit breaker period is enforced for the betterment of the people of Singapore. Keeping this in mind all employers and employees have to take necessary steps as mentioned by MOM and MTI. The government of Singapore has taken these steps to keep all people safe and come out of this situation soon. As citizens of Singapore all should abide by the rules and regulations and also enlighten others around them. During this tough period, it is very necessary to take all precautionary measures before leaving for work. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned rules aircon servicing can be provided to consumers all over Singapore.

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