How To Know If My Aircon Is Working Properly?

How To Know If My Aircon Is Working Properly? While many homeowners think that testing the air conditioner for poor functioning is a daunting task, doing it yourself is actually easy. Besides putting the hand to the blower and checking the airflow, there are situations when a fault isn’t easy to detect. In those cases. you would need to perform a special procedure.

Here is a list of ways you can know if your aircon is working properly.

1. Check the temperature difference

How To Know If My Aircon Is Working Properly?

One way to see if your aircon working capability is good is to check the return and supply temperature differential. If you have trouble telling supply ducts from return ducts, there is an easy trick to help you do this. Bring a piece of cloth close to one of the vents. A supply vent will blow the cloth away, while the return vent will suck it in.

Also, return vents are larger than supply ones. This knowledge helps you differentiate between them even when the aircon is off.

Now you have to proceed with checking the temperature difference. Turn on the aircon and set the temperature pretty well below the room temperature. It will ensure it runs longer and gives you time to complete the experiment. Let the AC work for 10 minutes, then place a thermometer to the return air duct and record the readings.

Next, move on to the supply vent and record its temperature too. Once you have both recordings at hand, subtract the return air duct reading from the supply air duct reading.

The result will be the temperature difference that has to be 20 degrees for a normally working aircon. If the difference is less than 20 degrees, your AC may struggle with a shortage of refrigerator agents which prompts you to take action. You are good to contact a professional to come and perform in-detail troubleshooting of your unit.

This will help him come up with solutions for its repair. Keep in mind that a temperature difference that is higher than 20 degrees is also caused for concern. You have in this case to call in the aircon expert as well to inspect your aircon.

2. Check the sound

How To Know If My Aircon Is Working Properly?

The sound of the running air conditioner tells much about its well-being. A healthy aircon will run smoothly, emitting uniform and eye-pleasing sounds. A troubled unit will have a noisy operation unless we speak about an old-fashioned unit that is apriori loud. If you have a modern AC which runs annoyingly loud, you may want to call in a professional.

He will tear apart the aircon and identify the reason for the noise. Sometimes your aircon may work smoothly and quietly, but occasionally emit banging or squeaking noises. If it happens so, it should also alert you and make ask for a professional’s help.

3. Carry out a visual inspection

Taking a look at the aircon’s interior parts is also a way to know if it works properly. You may hear no strange sounds, but it doesn’t mean yet that it operates at its best. Your wisest decision is to carry out a 5-minute visual inspection to see whether all basic parts are working properly. If you notice pools of water or refrigerator, it is a sign of a duct leak or of clogged drainage lines. These issues require professional interference.

Another simple task you can do is to check the air filters. If you live in a major city with polluted traffic, you may want to think about replacing the air filter quite often. In this way, you will ensure your AC works properly. If you leave the filter clogged for a long, it will affect other parts. For example, making the compressor work more intensively and get heated up can lead to its premature failure.

A clogged filter also allows poor-quality air to enter your house.

How To Know If My Aircon Is Working Properly? – Final thoughts

How To Know If My Aircon Is Working Properly?

To sum up, finding out whether your air conditioner is working properly is not as hard as you may imagine. Before contacting a professional, you are good to do some easy procedures yourself. These include: performing a visual inspection of the filters and drainage lines and checking for strange sounds in the AC operation.

You are also good to check the temperature difference between the supply air ducts and return air ducts.

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