Five Common Air Conditioner Problems

Are you looking to find out some of the most common problems associated with the air-con in Singapore? Air conditioners are known to develop a few functional and mechanical issues over time. Once these problems begin to crop up, you will not be able to enjoy the full function of your air conditioner within your home during the hot seasons.

The following are 5 of the most common problems of an air conditioner.

1. The air-con unit fails to turn on

– There are occasions where you will switch the air conditioner unit on but it will not respond accordingly despite it being connected to the power.
– This particular problem more often than not comes about as a result of broken or burnt wires hence the disconnection of power to the unit.
– This problem can also be caused by a faulty thermostat or transformer.
– When dealing with any of the mentioned problems, it is recommended to have a professional carry out a check on your unit and sort the problem accordingly.
– Another sign showing that the problem may be connected to wiring occurs when the switch turns itself off or takes a good amount of time before powering. 
– Immediately you experience such a problem, switch the unit off then contact a specialized repair firm for assistance.

2. Leakages from the air-con unit

– Whenever water begins to drip from your unit, this automatically shows the presence of a leak which will require immediate action.
– When immediate action is not taken, it can encourage the growth of mold and mildew on all the affected sections such as the cooling and heating fins.
– When such areas are covered by the mold, the system becomes ineffective.
– The leak may be caused by a defective condensation pan or blocked drainage.
– When you hire a professional to check on your unit, they will be able to give the right diagnosis and solution.

3. The unit powers on but fails to work

– Another common aircon problem is its failure to cool or even heat your home despite the fact that it is switched on.
– This may come about as a result of different problems which may include a defective grill or refrigerant. 
– When it comes to the refrigerant, the size may not be adequate enough to effectively cool the whole house.
– When dirt begins to slowly clog the grill and no action taken to have it cleaned up, it will end up affecting how the unit functions.
– One of the best ways to go about preventing such a problem, is by having it checked by an expert who will not only diagnose but also provide adequate solutions for the problems involved in ventilation, heating system. 
– If the diagnosis has been linked to the refrigerant, then the spare parts used must be genuine. 
– If the grill is the main cause of the malfunction then it has to be thoroughly cleaned out.

4. The external fan vibrates but fails to work as expected

– The main function of the external fan is to help remove the heat found within the room and releases it into the atmosphere.
– However, if the external fan has a faulty motor or capacitor then it will not be able to work as expected.
– Such a problem will require immediate attention which in most cases is replacement.

5. The air-con unit produces unexpected noises

– There are occasions where your air-con unit will function effectively but produce strange and irritating noises in the process.
– The noise produced can either be rattling or hissing sounds.
– As earlier stated, this noise can be quite irritating and can be a source of distraction especially within an office or a bedroom where people are trying to fall asleep.
– This irritating noise can either be produced immediately the unit is switched on or within a short time after the unit has been powered on and running.
– One of the major causes of this problem is a worn out fan belt. 
– This is something that gradually happens over time and as the unit is used continuously.
– The noise can also come about as a result of rust formation on various sections of the unit.
– Other than a unit running effectively, it should be able to do so without emitting any irritating noise.
– The only sound that is expected from such a unit is that of hot or cold air gushing from the unit. 
– In case of any problems, you should seek advice from a professional company that handles various air-com models

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