How To Get Rid Of The Bad Smell From Aircon? (Updated)

With the recent hazy havoc, everyone has to contend with, the need to get rid of bad smell from aircon must be on top of most Singapore households’ list. The smoke coming in from neighbor Sumatra had caused an uproar among its citizens and put most homes’ indoor air quality into a test.

This haze problem fueled the unusual odors that air conditioners are subjected to year after year due to mold growing on a unit’s damp surface. Add up natural dust or dirt, and you have a perfect breeding ground for fungi and other microorganisms. A smelly aircon not only poses a comfort problem but can rather deliver huge health implications on everyone living inside a home. With this, you must find an efficient way to get rid of the problem from its core.

Common Causes Of A Smelly Aircon
There are simple ways to get rid of the bad smell from aircon. However, before you get into action, it is imperative that you carefully assess other indoor elements that could have triggered such a smell.

Get rid of smelly aircon
Get rid of smelly aircon

Homes can easily suction damp carpets, malodorous stuffs, rotten food, or dead animal remains with centralized air conditioning units. Clean-up did on both aircon as well as underlying causes will get rid of the foul smell completely.

Some of the most common causes of a smelly aircon without any outside influence are the following:

1. Clogged aircon drain
2. Accumulation of dust and dirt on filters, chambers, and grilles
3. Accumulation of dirt and grime on coils

Homes usually experience these smelly aircon issues with long-running aircons that are not regularly cleaned or have not been cleaned for quite some time. Water, dirt, grime, dust, and other precipitates can accumulate, blocking the drainage or filling-up filters, chambers, grilles, and coils.

Some usually wipe the outside portion of the aircon to get rid of easily identifiable dirt or dust. However, there lies within the aircon are accumulated items that can easily develop into mold spores, fungi, or a slew of other microorganisms emitting a musty smell. One may use air freshener but keep in mind that this only masks the unhealthy odor and must be considered a temporary measure.

Aircon services and repair
Aircon services and repair

When To Call Professionals
Unless you are a DIY expert to get rid of the bad smell from aircon in your abode, consulting a professional would definitely be a wise move. Saving a few dollars worth might bring in more harm than good to your aircon unit and the health of your household.

There is a possibility that the foul smell emanating from your aircon unit might not be from the aircon itself but rather on the complex ductwork or vent system in your home. Air conditioning units are quite expensive, and cleaning-up requires that you have some form of knowledge.

You might easily find DIY ways on your manual, but it is smarter to look for reliable aircon repair and cleaning services in Singapore when in doubt. These professionals are more adept in diagnosing this problem and have the skills, tools, and machinery to eradicate smelly aircon from its core completely.

Importance of Preventive Maintenance
Whatever type of aircon unit you have in your home, routine preventive maintenance should be an essential factor that must not be excluded from your priority list.

Experts continually recommend that semi-annual clean-up be done to your unit to uphold its performance. This prevents smelly aircon and ensures the optimum performance of your unit and savings on energy consumption.

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