How To Reduce Aircon Odor? (Updated)

How to reduce aircon odor? Industrialization in Singapore has greatly transformed the environment, and particularly the air citizens breathe in. Environmental pollution is a contentious issue that Singaporeans have to deal with. This has prompted most residents to invest in air conditioner systems to ensure the purity of their environment.

Owners of air conditioning systems have to deal with air conditioner problems, which are very rampant. Most air conditioner odors emanate from excessive bacteria growth, engine leak, filter dirt, dead animal, smoke, and moisture. It is good to know,w though, that you do not need to contact an AC repair company for odors. However, you can contact a professional in case you are unable to diagnose the cause or cure the odor.

Reduce aircon odor

Tips on how to reduce air conditioner odor
1. Service your air conditioner regularly

Most consumers intentionally ignore this. Air conditioners should be serviced at least twice a year. All you need to do is contact a technician who will visit your home and check the AC. He will thoroughly check the chambers and vents.

Also crucial is the air filter; it should be well cleaned or even changed if necessary. A clean air filter will ensure you enjoy fresh, pure, and healthier air. Besides just guaranteeing you fresh air, a clean filter reduces the energy required to power the AC. The technician will also remove any dirt that has accumulated in the drain.

The drain line should be washed with clean water and bleach. The bleach serves to remove mildew. Regularly servicing your air conditioner will save you a lot in terms of repair costs. The mistake most consumers make is to wait until there is an unbearable odor.

2. Clean the air conditioner yourself occasionally
If you are a DIY (Do it yourself) expert, there is no need to call a professional. You can use a rag to wipe off or scrub any dirt from the filter. If the odor were due to dirt accumulation in the filter, this process would help solve it. You must make this a routine maintenance activity for your AC. This way, you will be able to clean and remove the dust before it goes all the way to clog the drain and the condensation chambers.

Aircon cleaning and maintenance
Aircon cleaning and maintenance

How to effectively clean an air conditioner yourself
Make a cleaning solution. 
As much as you need so much water when reducing odor from an AC, you have to mix it with a cleaning solution. The best and safe one to use is vinegar. There are cleaning solutions made specifically for that purpose, but you do not have to purchase any since you are doing it yourself. Just pour 75% water and 25% vinegar in a bowl, then mix well. 

– Before you start cleaning, you have to ensure that the power supply to your AC unit has been switched off. Remove and wash the drain line with the solution you had prepared and later return it to its position when dry.

– Then, locate the grills of the AC and have them opened. While cleaning the grills, concentrate on the filter; you will clean it later. Take a clean rag and dip it into the solution, then use it to wipe the grills.

Cleaning the aircon grills
Cleaning the aircon grills

Wipe each grill thoroughly, ensuring that all the dirt particles are removed. There are areas of the grill your rag may not access due to its bulkiness; use a toothbrush to remove the dirt from these areas.

– Once you are done with the grills and satisfied, you can now start on the filter. If an odor is coming from your AC unit, the filter should be your number one suspect. If the air being circulated is not clean, then obviously, the filter is clogged.

First, separate the filter from the grill for effective cleaning. Please do not use the rag this time, instead dip a toothbrush into your cleaning solution and use it. Using the toothbrush, brush off the dirt from the frames of the filter.

Remember, the filter can sometimes harbor bacteria that you may be unable to see with your naked eyes and, as such, might be impossible to brush off. Soaking the cleaning solution filter for close to half an hour will help get rid any bacteria or germs. After soaking, rinse it with clean water and slide it back to its position.

Note that an old filter should be replaced with a new one after at least two months or three months.

– Move on to cleaning the condenser. Take a straightened clothes hanger and insert it into the condenser drain. Use it to pull out any dirt particles that might be blocking the drainage hole. After cleaning the pan drain, rinse it with water. Later on, start cleaning the coils. 

Cleaning the aircon
Cleaning the aircon

Take a soft rag, dip it into the cleaning solution, and remove dirt from the coils. You can also use a toothbrush to brush off any dirt stuck in the coils. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining dirt. Remember, it is the condenser responsible for processing the cold air, so its cleanliness is essential.

Note that you can use a coil cleaner to spray the coils for even fresher air if you have one in the house.

3. Open the built-in vent of the air conditioner
– Most AC units come with a built-in vent at the back. This vent serves as an escape avenue for unpleasant smells. Open this vent once you realize there is a foul smell emanating from your air conditioner.

How to reduce air conditioner odor from your car
– For your car, you can use car fresheners, call a professional, clean the AC, fix the engine, or better still, open the vent. If there is a problem with your car engine, then the AC will still circulate dirty air, so fix the engine first.

Air conditioning units provide great comfort for consumers. However, they must know how to maintain it to release that fresh cold air. You should learn how to do it yourself as this will save you money. The key thing is to offer your AC unit regular service, whether done by you or a professional.

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