How Can You Solve Daikin Aircon Light Blinking? (Updated)

How can you solve Daikin aircon light blinking? It can be incredibly distressing to find that one of your appliances isn’t working, especially when you don’t know what the problem is or how to fix it. 

Sometimes it feels like you need a master’s degree in engineering to fix your essential household appliances, but this doesn’t have to be the case. An issue that many people seem to be running into is getting a blinking light on their Daikin aircon. We’re going to walk you through what this means and how to go about fixing it. 

Daikin aircon
Daikin aircon

Trouble Shooting

The first thing that you are going to need to do is to learn to troubleshoot the issue. This is just a fancy way of saying to figure out what’s wrong so that you can fix it. Troubleshooting your Daikin aircon should be reasonably straightforward, as it can all be done through the remote that controls it. If your aircon shuts down and starts showing a blinking green light, you will need to do this. 

To figure out what is wrong with your aircon, you will first need to slide off the cover of your remote. Now you need to locate the cancel button and hold it down for five to ten seconds. You will know that it is time to release it when the temperature disappears from the screen and is replaced by two flashing zeros. Now comes the tricky part. 

As the zeros begin to flash, you need to press the cancel button in time with the blinking continually. As you press the button, the new two-digit figures will start to pop up. These are all of the possible faults that your aircon is experiencing. 

If the aircon beeps once on a number, then it is not the right number for the fault. If it beeps twice, then one of the two numbers are correct, and if it emits a long continuous beep when they are both the exact numbers. Now that you’ve got the right code, you will be able to figure out what is wrong.

What is Wrong with Your Aircon?

Using the code that you found on your aircon remote, you will now refer to your user manual. Inside should be a malfunction code list. You will need to correlate the letter to the number to find out what is wrong.

Aircon repair
Aircon repair

One of the reasons that your aircon may start showing the flashing green light is because there is something wrong with the outside unit. If there is something stuck in the fan that stops it from spinning, it will begin to go into fault mode. 

It will try to fix itself a total of sixteen times before shutting down the indoor unit. This is when that green light will start to appear. The malfunction code for this is E7. If you refer to your manual, you will see that this means that the motor is overrun, meaning that there is something stuck in the fan.

Daikin Troubleshooting Guide

Fixing It

Now that you have found the issue with your aircon, the next step is to fix it. With the E7 fault, the simple fix is to go to your outside unit and remove whatever is blocking the fan. There are a vast number of possible issues that could contribute to this green light, so it is impossible to list all of the fixes here.

However, once you have found the malfunction code, it should be straightforward to find instructions in your manual on how to fix it.

Final Step

The final thing that you have to do to ensure that your aircon malfunction has been remedied is to reset the fault. You will need to find the switchboard that operates your aircon first. Then all you need to do is flick off the switch that correlates to your unit. Leave it off for ten to fifteen seconds, and then flick it back on. 

While the green blinking light could indicate many different issues on your Daikin aircon, most of them are relatively easy fixes. Once you know how to find the malfunction number, it should be incredibly easy for you to find the fault in your manual and fix it yourself. If all else fails, call an aircon technician.

Here is a list of Daikin Malfunction Code. You may want to download the PDF file for self diagnosis.

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