Aircon Troubleshooting – What You Should Know

If you are a resident in Singapore, then Aircon could be the most important electronic equipment in your house. Without a properly working Aircon, you can have a lot of humidity and heat in your home that can make it almost impossible for you to live properly. And if you get any problem in it, then you wish to get it up and running as soon as possible. Thankfully there are some Aircon troubleshooting tips are there that can help you in this requirement. For your reference or help, I am sharing those Aircon troubleshooting tips below with you.

Check the circuit breaker: Many time circuit breaker can be the cause for non-working Aircon. If your Aircon is not getting power then it won’t work as well. Although this is a simple thing that all the people should check in their Aircon troubleshooting, but they fail to check it. They actually ignore it because they see electricity is working properly in the entire house and they assume the same for Aircon as well. When you get any problem in your Aircon or if you notice it is not working at all, then you should check the circuit breaker before anything else. In case of tripped MCB or circuit you can try turning it on and then you can check if that is working properly or not. In some cases, you may have this issue because of a blown fuse as well considering you don’t have an MCB there. If that is the case, then you need to change the fuse to get it up and running. So, next time when you start the Aircon troubleshooting, make sure you start that by checking circuit breaker.

Check the voltage supply: In some cases, you may have no issue with your circuit breaker, but then also you may have problems in it. When you are getting power to your Aircon unit, but evaporator fan is not running smoothly, then it could be a problem of voltage issues. If you have any kind of voltage issue in your home, then your Aircon might not be working. In that situation you should try to regulate your voltage before you move further for your Aircon troubleshooting. In order to regulate or manage voltage, you can take the help of voltage stabilizers that comes only for Aircon. Of course, if you don’t have one, then you will need to ask your technician or your electrician to install that for you. You may also assume you can do the installation by yourself, but that wouldn’t be practical, so it is advised that you talk to your electrician for the installation of voltage stabilizer. 

Check the safeties: In many situations, your Aircon may not work because of some safety issues. If you have any kind of safety issues in your Aircon, then it wouldn’t run unless you solve those issues. In most of the situations, if you have oil safety switch tripped off, then it wouldn’t work for you. To make it working first you need to resolve the problem and then you need to turn it on to make it working. Other than this, if you have any kind of open compressor or condenser coil, then also it could be an issue. In this kind of situation as well, it would never work. For resolving that issue, it is a wise idea that you hire someone who is expert and experienced to do this. You may also try to do the same by yourself, but you may not get any good result and you may end up damaging the same even more. So, it is advised that in this kind of Aircon troubleshooting situation, you talk to experts and you take their help.

Coolant loss: If you notice your Aircon is working continuously, but it is still not giving proper cooling, then it could be an issue of coolant loss. If you will have lack of coolant, then it can affect your cooling as well. To check this issue in your air on troubleshooting you can check if there is any weird smell close to your compressor or Aircon. If you notice weird gas smell, then it will be a clear sign you are loosing coolant. In that situation, calling an expert would be the only recommendation that I would give to you. Other than this, you should also check if that coolant is reduced in natural manner. If you haven’t toped it up since a long time, then also there may be a drop in coolant and you may not do anything for that. In that situation also calling an expert would be the only thing that you can do because you may not have enough tools or equipment’s to resolve the problem by yourself in a safe manner. 

Air leak in your home: If you don’t have a proper sealing in your room, then cool air may go outside and you may not have proper cooling as well. To avoid this issue, it is a wise idea that you should keep the sealing proper. If you do the Aircon troubleshooting and you notice that everything is working smoothly, you have proper coolant, your Aircon is blowing cool air and still your room is warm, then you should pay attention to your room sealing .If you have any kind of air leakage from windows or door, then things my get south for you. The good thing is that you can control this issue by various means. If leakage is not big, then you can use duct tape to close the gap or you can try other methods for same. If you have open window, then you can close that. And if you notice you have broken or jammed window, then you need to call an expert for that. In either of the situation or Aircon troubleshooting time, you can resolve the issue easily considered you take right method to resolve it. So, that is one more thing that you can keep in your mind during Aircon troubleshooting.

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