Can Aircon Remove Dust in The Room?

Can Aircon Remove Dust in The Room? It is a common wonder whether an air conditioner can clean the air in a room. The air conditioner can indeed clean by removing dust particles, microorganisms, and smoke in the air.

An air conditioner can help people who have asthma, especially in a dry or windy season, by cleaning the air inside their rooms. However, not all aircon can remove dust from the air. Several factors must be in place. Read this article to the end to know them and understand how an aircon removes dust from the air in a room!

What are the effects of living in a dusty room?

Can Aircon Remove Dust in The Room?

Dust can be very dangerous to your health, especially in your bedroom, where you almost spend half of your life. You should always try your best to remove dust from your home. The dust has the following negative effects on your health:

  • If you live in a dusty room, you have a high chance of coughing frequently and suffering from a cold.
  • Have more severe allergies.
  • Chances of consuming toxic substances in your blood by breathing in, especially smoke.
  • Suffer from lung diseases like pneumonia and breathing difficulties such as asthma.
  • You can have cancer because of breathing contaminated air.

How Aircon reduces dust in your room

The air conditioners are to cool the air inside the rooms. Therefore, they suck the air into the room and omit it out at lower temperatures. The cycle continues until the air reaches the set temperatures. The aircon has some features that help it filter the air that goes through them.

They have filters at the part that omit the cold air out. As the air goes in and out of the air conditioner, it must pass through the filter. However, the air filtration quality will depend on the type of filter that is fitted to the air conditioner.

a) Wall-mounted Aircon

The air conditioner is made of plastic material with a mesh filter fitted on the wall. The mesh is only designed to capture the dust particles. Still, it cannot capture smaller particles such as smoke, bacteria, fumes, and viruses.

b) Ceiling Cassette aircon

Their filters are made of plastic mesh and sometimes have the primary filter.

c) Fan Coil unit

They are also known as the air handling unit. They are mostly used in large buildings such as hotels and malls. Also, those people who have huge houses use them in their living rooms or bedrooms. Unlike the wall-mounted filters, they are better filters as they contain at least a primary filter.

At the same time, some even have a secondary filter. The secondary filters include filters pocket filter, a bag filter, and a HEPA. They can block smoke and viruses, and bacteria in the air.

What are the effects of using aircon in a room?

1. Keeping the room clean

One of the dustiest parts of the house is the bedroom, which is the place where you spend almost half of your lifetime. That is why you should keep it free from dust that can cause illness. And one of the best ways to keep your room out of dust is to install an air conditioner.

The aircon has fillers that have the potential to remove dust, pollen grains, and smoke particles from your room. But you should not stop cleaning your room; use the aircon after cleaning your room.

2. Keeping the carpet in the house clean

Since carpets are fabric and sometimes fluffy, they can hold a lot of dust. They can also retain water in them, making them a good breeding place for bacteria. An aircon such as a central air conditioner can filter out the bacteria and dust in the air of your room, making the carpet remain clean and tidy.

3. Collecting the pet hair in the room

If you have a pet in your house, it is possible to have the pet hair, especially a cat or a dog floating in your home’s air. However, the aircon circulates the air around the room, filtering out the pet’s hair in the air. It helps to reduce the hair around.

Some air conditioners have an anti-bacteria mechanism that allows air from the environment into the room, filters it, and ensures only safe and bacteria-free air is getting in the house. It can be very favorable to asthma people as they breathe fresh air, free from any contaminant.

Factors that influence the ability of the air conditioner to remove dust in a room

1. The age of the air conditioner

Like the other home appliances, the air conditioners are subject to aging. And as they age, their performance efficiency reduces. One of the functionalities of the aircon that is most affected is the air cleaning function.

2. Does it have all the components of an air conditioner?

The main function of the aircon is to cool the air in a room; however, it has other components that support its functionality. It has stabilizers and filters that help support its function of providing fresh air.

In some air conditioners, these components are missing, which means that they will not be able to perform their role efficiently of removing dust from the air.

3. Damaged parts of the aircon

Many factors can damage the air conditioners, electric short circuits, and insects building their shelters in the air conditioner. Sometimes these damages can interfere with the ability of the air conditioner to remove dust from the air.

Precautions you should take to ensure your aircon is removing dust

Can Aircon Remove Dust in The Room?

1. Cover your aircon

Especially when you are cleaning your air conditioner, cover it with plastics to make sure that the dirt in it moves out.

2. Clean your filters regularly

When cleaning your air conditioner, always begin with the interior parts before coming to the exterior.

3. Please seek professional help

When you notice a slight change in functionality, ask a professional to come and look at it and repair it.

Can Aircon Remove Dust in The Room? – Conclusion

Can Aircon Remove Dust in The Room?

Fresh air is vital for the health of a human being. One of the ways you can get it is by installing a fully functional air conditioner in your room.

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