Aircon Piping Replacement Cost in Singapore

Aircon Piping Replacement Cost in Singapore – Piping is one of the most durable parts of an aircon system. It lasts 10 years on average, but there are factors that can reduce its lifespan. If you intend to replace your aircon piping, you may want to know the exact pricing.

In this article, we will offer to you this information, while also giving some tips for extending the longevity of the pipes.

How to figure out that it’s time to replace aircon piping?

Aircon Piping Replacement Cost in Singapore

There are some signs that suggest that you have to replace the aircon pipe system. First of all, it’s a gas leak which tells you that the pipe has some sort of damage. You can call the aircon technician to inspect your piping thoroughly.

If he finds only a minor crack in one place, you can agree on repairing the pipe. However, if there are more leaks that are a result of wear and tear deterioration, you need replacement. Water leaks are also a sign that your piping is in a poor condition.

Mold and moisture along the piping route should be also a reason for you to replace the whole piping system. When the aircon performs poorly, cooling the air not as it should to, you must also think about buying new pipes.

The leaks may be too small for you to notice them or to create visible damage on the wall. That’s why you should keep an eye on how the aircon performs. If you get higher bills for the same operation time, most probably your compressor consumes electricity in vain.

It suggests that there are leaks in the pipes that make the compressor work harder.

Replacement cost

There are some factors that affect the final cost of aircon piping replacement. First one is the number of piping sets. Replacing one set of pipes will cost you $300-350. Now, if you have a unit with multiple blowers, you will have to pay for each piping set replacement.

That said, if you have a system 3 aircon, there will be 3 sets that you will have to pay for. Similarly, if you have a system 4 unit, the bill will include the price for replacing 4 piping sets. The cost may vary depending on the piping length.

If you have a larger house, the piping route from the compressor to the rooms will be longer. Thus, you will have to pay some bucks more for the materials.

Replacing concealed piping will cost you slightly more. Being harder to reach, pipes that find themselves behind the wall require more effort and time for their replacement. You will have to pay $400-450 per each concealed set replaced.

How to prolong the lifespan of aircon piping?

If you hate piping replacement, there are some things you can do so that it doesn’t happen soon. First of all, you have to ensure a high-quality installation. If you choose an inferior installer just because he is cheaper, be ready for troubles in the near future.

Better keep with a reputable installer who will mount the pipes, so that they get low risk of deterioration. Also, the piping route does not have to contain many crooks and bending. Yes, you may do this to shorten the distance to the room.

And yes, it will save you some money on materials. But you will regret doing so in the future.

First off, the crooks make the compressor work harder to push the air through, rather than when the route is straight. Moreover, when the pipe is bent, it experiences permanent pressure. This makes it reach the “metal fatigue” state faster.

In this way, leaks and cracks may appear earlier than you may expect. That’s why the piping route should be more or less straight to avoid early aircon piping replacement.

Aircon Piping Replacement Cost in Singapore – Conclusion

Aircon Piping Replacement Cost in Singapore

To conclude, there are some factors that influence how much you will pay for AC piping replacement. You will have to pay up to $350 for an exposed piping set, and up to $450 for a concealed piping set. Accordingly, if you have a system of 3 units, you will have to pay for 3 piping sets. The length of the piping route will also have a say in the final bill.

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