Pros & Cons On Choosing 5 Ticks Mitsubishi Aircon (Updated)

When buying air conditioners, quite a few important points must be kept in mind. Cost, specifications, features, and functionalities are important factors when one buys air conditioners. It is an expensive investment, and therefore we would like to the most out of it.

We also should take into account the importance of power and fuel costs when buying air conditioners. In many cases, they are energy guzzlers and could burn a big hole in your pocket. Therefore it is essential to find out ways and means by which you can buy an air conditioner that saves on power and also at the same time does not compromise on performance.

Today there are many star-rated air conditioners available. The number of stars given to each brand would depend on the energy-saving devices and features in place. If you spend some time doing the right kind of research, you will not have much of a problem. 

Mitsubishi Aircon’s Are Trend Setters

Though there are literally dozens of such brands and models available in the market, when it comes to quality, affordability, and savings on energy and power, there are many reasons to believe that Mitsubishi Aircon’s are perhaps one of the best in the market.

They come with several power-saving features. Buying them would be a great way forward because it will offer the best value for money. There are thousands of happy customers who are getting quality and savings in power costs because they have made the right decisions to buy these air conditioners. Therefore, it would be interesting to have a closer look at the various reasons why there is a demand for ACs with 5 ticks. 

Mitsubishi aircon
Mitsubishi aircon

Features Which Make Them Different

The design features are such that they go a long way in setting new benchmarks as far as energy efficiency is concerned. This is one of the main reasons why it continues to attract thousands of customers across Singapore. Apart from being energy efficient, there are several other advantages and special features which are worth having a closer look at:

Advantages Of These Air Conditioners

Stunningly quiet performance is one of the biggest reasons why they are so much sought after. There are other energy-efficient air conditioners in the market. However, they may be lacking as far as quiet performance is concerned. This certainly sets them apart from other brands and models in the market. 

The efficient use of the available resources is another great advantage as far as this particular air conditioner brand is concerned. Hence it can work well even in rooms that are not very well insulated. But as a general rule, even these energy-efficient air conditioners will work best if the highest standards are insulated.

It also comes with a unique Catechin air purification system. This is a compound that is found in green tea. It is supposed to have the best antioxidant and antiviral properties. It also comes with proven anti-deodorizing properties.

Mitsubishi aircon compressor
Mitsubishi aircon compressor

The component Catechin has been infused in almost every molecule of the air filter. Further, air filters can easily be removed and cleaned. While cleaning Catechin’s properties continues to be maintained for a long time, it truly offers a wonderful combination of health and energy efficiency. 

They are available in single and multiple-unit options, enabling customers to choose the one they think is in line with their specific requirements. Another big reason this air conditioner brand is so sought after is its Easy Clean Design.

Whether it is the air filters or the airflow vents, they can be easily opened without the need for special tools. However, to ensure optimal performance, you should be sure that the heat exchanger, air vent, and fan are cleaned regularly. Doing this regularly will ensure the saving of power by around 45%.

Finally, the 5 ticks feature sets it apart from other such models and brands in the market. This technology is a breakthrough in energy efficiency. It has been the trendsetter for many other brands that are available today in the market. 

While the above are the main features, there are other aspects of the machine which are also worth mentioning. In fact, they have added something more to the super silent technology and can offer almost zero sound running, which, without any doubt, is an awesome achievement, to say the least.

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