Will I Spoil My Aircon If I Set The Temperature Too High?

Will I Spoil My Aircon If I Set The Temperature Too High? In the present day, with the rise of global warming, the daytime has become very hot in most places. Surviving hot weather days can be difficult for any individual. Most people try to stay indoors during the daytime because of the scorching heat.

In this case, the air conditioner has become mandatory in most houses. Using an ac can help you in maintaining a moderate and comfortable temperature inside the house.

However, maintaining this Aircon temperature can be a little difficult in places where there is a very high chance of rainfall like Singapore. So here is an article that will help you know more about Aircon temperature and which temperature would spoil the Aircon.

Will I Spoil My Aircon If I Set The Temperature Too High? –
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An Aircon is extremely helpful. It helps in keeping a comfortable and moderate temperature inside the house and also helps in a lot more things.

For example, with an Aircon on you can get better sleep, it reduces the risk of asthma attacks and dehydration, and so on. However, there can be times when the Aircon temperature may harm your Aircon system.

This mainly happens when the Aircon is kept on at a very high or low temperature. Also in places like Singapore, where there is so much rain, it is important to keep the Aircon in a particular absorbent mode, or else the aircon may not make the room as cool as it is supposed to.

So there are a few things we need to keep in mind while handling any electronic appliance and similarly maintaining it is equally important.

Common Mistakes That Can Spoil Your Aircon

Here are a few common mistakes that can potentially spoil your Aircon.

  • Air Conditioner Not Being Serviced: One of the most common mistakes people make is not getting their Aircon serviced. It is very important to get the Aircon serviced as all the dirt that gets accumulated inside the system may contaminate the air that is blowing out. So it is very important to get your ac serviced every 6 months. If not services your ac may even stop working.
  • Not Cleaning The Filters: We all know that the Aircon filters trap the dirt and do not let them mix with the fresh air that gets blown. However, if you do not clean the filters it might start blowing out dirt with the air as well. With that, it might also block the vents and your air might start emitting hit air instead of cold air.
  • Keeping Aircon Temperature Too High: Another mistake we commonly make is keeping the Aircon temperature too high. Keeping the temperature too high may lead to the Aircon not working anymore for most aircon.

    This is because there is a certain amount of pressure being made on the system as the outside temperature is almost the same compared to the inside temperature, this may be a problem later on.

    Keeping the temperature too high can stop your aircon’s ability to cook the room when you decrease the temperature later on.
  • Not Having Curtains And Blinds At Home: Having curtains and blinds at home is very important not only just for privacy but it helps in keeping the room dark and away from sunlight. Sunlight can work as a barrier and not let the ac cool the room as it should be doing.

    The sunlight coming will keep the room hot and the ac will try to cool. This clash may cause your ac to malfunction as it is unable to perform as it Should be doing. So make sure you use curtains and blinds.

Setting Extreme High Or Low Temperature

Will I Spoil My Aircon If I Set The Temperature Too High?

All electronic appliances should be used with a lot of care. Proper switching it on and off is extremely important. Other than that regular servicing is also very important so that the Aircon keeps working properly.

However, there can be times when the outside temperature is too high or too low and trying to balance that temperature with your Aircon can cause some problems. So if you set your Aircon temperature very high you may not exactly spoil your Aircon but it can start having some problems.

Mainly in the case of Singapore where there is extreme heat and suddenly there is rain in this case keeping your Aircon set at too high can be problematic as there are constant fluctuations in the outside temperature.

If you want to keep your Aircon at a very high temperature your Aircon fan may stop working. Or if you later want to switch the temperature a little low your Aircon may not be able to do so.

It is very important to understand that keeping your Aircon at a moderate temperature, preferably a little lower than the highest temperature can be a good option.

It is also crucial to understand that all aircon is not the same. Few may not have any problem when the temperature is set at the highest but a few Aircon can definitely show some signs of a problem and you may later need to call the technician for that.

So to stay safe and away from any possible problem it is best to not keep the Aircon temperature too high.

Will I Spoil My Aircon If I Set The Temperature Too High? – Conclusion

Will I Spoil My Aircon If I Set The Temperature Too High?

By now we all understand that every electronic appliance has its advantages and disadvantages. Not only that, every appliance has a limit after which it might not be able to work anymore.

Similarly, in the case of an Aircon, it can work well but there are a few things we need to keep in mind if we want it to work for a longer period. It is important to make sure that we are getting our Aircon services once in a while and getting it cleaned.

Another very important factor is understanding its temperature. If you keep your Aircon temperature too high, your Aircon may start showing some problems which can only be fixed by a technician. Also, these problems might not exactly spoil your Aircon but will reduce its shelf-life.

So it is best to keep in mind that you do not keep the Aircon temperature too high.

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