Why Service Aircon before Chinese New Year

Why service aircon before the Chinese New year in Singapore? It’s fact that so many do celebrate this wonderful event in Singapore. In case you are one of the people who celebrate this event, it’s important that you’re prepared for this event so that you can enjoy it to the maximum. One of the steps that you can make ensures that you service your air conditioning system. For you to achieve this you must look for a professional air conditioning expert in Singapore so that you can have these services done in the right manner. Some of the reason why you should service your aircon before the Chinese New year is:

Assists in saving you from incurring a lot of repair costs

One of the reasons why you should service your aircon before this event is that it can assist in saving a lot of money that you could have spent on repair costs. This is because when professional service your aircon, you will not have to call them from time to time so that they can repair small issues which may be costly in the long run.

In case there is a lot of dust inside your aircon system, servicing it can assist in eliminating it before it accumulates to greater levels. In addition, the air conditioning experts will be able to identify any other issues which may exist before they become worse. Early detection of these issues is important as it can enable to take measures which can ensure that you avoid costly repair when your unit eventually breaks down.

Extended life

If you are celebrating this wonderful then it’s important that you ensure your aircon is serviced as it can assist in extending its life. This will mean that you can use it for a long period of time without experiencing any complications or you will not incur the costs of replacing your system after a short period. You must know that your entire aircon system must be cleaned regularly and also serviced since if one of its parts fails it can cause strains to the other parts which can make it not to work as expected,

Great peace of mind

If you service your aircon you will be able to have a great piece of mind since you will be assured that your aircon system will be able to work consistently as you are celebrating the Chinese New Year event. In this case, you will not have to worry that your system will break down during the celebration time when you need it most. For you to ensure that you stay away from any trouble you have to get it serviced well so that your house is comfortable when as you may experience a lot of heat inside your house.

You will make sure that all your aircon parts are working correctly.

As you celebrate the Chinese New year event, it can be frustrating if your event can interfere if one of parts of your aircon malfunctions. When you service your aircon, the professional will make sure that all the components are working well and in case there is any faulty part they will replace it will a new one so that your system can work as expected. Through this way, you and your family will be comfortable as you celebrate this event.

Reduce the cooling costs

As you celebrate this event it’s important that you service your aircon so that you can save a lot of money which you could have used in buying other supplies. In many cases, you will realize that when your unit is working well, it will use less energy a thing which can save a lot of money which you could have spent on paying on huge energy bills.

Offers extra safety advantages

Another reason why you should service your aircon before the Chinese New year it that you will be able to get some additional safety advantages. Experts have revealed that when you have a well-maintained aircon unit you will be able to limit a lot of risks from occurring. This is because it will be able to reduce micro-organisms in your room which cause diseases. This unit can also be used in reducing the number of toxic gases which are available on the air such as carbon monoxide. This will mean that you can rely on this unit to offer you the best service not only during the Chinese New Year celebrations but also even after you are done with the celebration. Your room will remain cool and comfortable especially during high-temperature periods.

A properly maintained and clean aircon will operate in silent mode

In many cases, you will realize that the aircon system which is rarely serviced they tend to produce a lot of noise when you’re operating it. The irritating noise which is produced by this unit can prevent you from enjoying the quietness and tranquility of your home. You can avoid this unpleasant noise by ensuring that you regularly service your system before start celebrating this event.
If you contact the expert they service your system by lubricating all the moving parts and joints of the unit so as to reduce friction which in many cases causes your system to be noisy. Lubrication can also make your unit to function efficiently


If you wish to service your aircon before the Chinese New year celebration in Singapore, it’s important that you get an expert who knows what he/she will be doing in the process of servicing your aircon. Avoid going to any local unlicensed aircon repairperson whom you come in contact with as they may end up damaging your system. In addition, you may end up losing the warranty of your aircon and this person may even end up injuring himself or the people who are nearby. If you look at the above guide you will realize who important it’s for you to service your aircon before the Chinese New Year celebration. Service it today and see how you will enjoy this event.

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