Why Is My Air Conditioner Noisy? (Updated)

Having a noisy aircon? Your air conditioners help in cooling your homes and offices cool. But sometimes, the very same cooling devices make your head as hot as ever. This happens when the aircon starts making noise. It is always a question on the fact that what makes the aircon noisy?

When air conditioners are purchased and installed, they aptly cool the environment. Over the gradual course of time, the nets and the moving parts start accumulating dirt and dust. The constant working produces vibrations, and air conditioners’ installation does not hold the same integrity as installed. Before we understand what makes the aircon noisy, let us understand the construction of the air conditioners.

Inspecting aircon for loud noise
Inspecting aircon for loud noise

Air conditioners comprise the fan or the panel and the external unit, which comprises the compressor. The compressor and the fan consisting of moving parts are expected to make a certain degree of noise. Hence, the air conditioners come in a well-padded, soundproof material.

At the time of aircon installation, the fasteners and the fencing used are designed to absorb a certain vibrations level. But as time passes, these components start failing. Noisy air conditioners make different types of noises which can be diagnosed to present a suitable remedy.

Banging and clanking sound indicates that one of the moving parts in the unit has gone loose. This may include the crankshaft or the connecting rod between the fans. The part must have worn out due to constant use, or the tightening bolt would have loosened out. If luck is good, simple tightening will work, or the last resort would be replacing the part itself.

Banging and clanking aircon
Banging and clanking aircon

Clicking and rattling sound can be commonly heard. It may be caused due to loosened bolts, rattling tubing, or some broken springs. Tightening the components work as a good option. However, if clicking still exists, the

The thermostat has blown, and you probably need professional air conditioner servicing. Clanking and rattling can be heard over time due to shifts in the compressor’s position; realignment and re-positioning will work the best.

Repairing aircon
Repairing aircon

Similarly, humming and buzzing can be seen when both air conditioners accumulate ample dirt and have lost alignment. Proper check-in time and necessary lubrication could save the soup; else, you would have to be done with the bearings.

Sometimes, humming can cause serious motor problems, and aircon repair can become a difficult task to assess. Bubbling in the unit and high pitched hissing shows that there is a refrigerant line leak, which would cause serious consequences.

At such times, you should call for a professional aircon servicing company to restore the air conditioner’s health. Noisy air conditioners can be muted by fencing the outer unit with wood and using shock-absorbing materials around the unit’s fasteners.

However, one should follow the manual instructions and do aircon servicing at regular intervals of time. Proper periodic air conditioner servicing will not only guarantee the optimum cooling, but it will also improve the life of your air conditioner. Call us if you are looking for noisy aircon repair services in Singapore today!

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