Why My Aircon Is Not Cooling And Freezing

There is nothing more frustrating than having an air conditioner that is not cooling in the hot season. It is even worse when your air conditioner is completely frozen. The air conditioner is electric equipment that involves water and for this reason it is highly not advisable to try repairing the air conditioner.

When you realize that you are having issues with your cooling system, make sure you contact service provider to have a look at it. It is possible to understand what causes your aircon to freeze and also unable to cool. This way, you can be able to avoid these problems in the future.

What causes aircon freezing?

The most common cause of aircon freezing is because the system is low on either Freon or refrigerant. Aircon freezing can also be caused by the fact that there is to enough air flow in the duct system. The lack of adequate airflow is caused by a duct system that is undersized, dirt in the filter or dirt on the indoor evaporator coil. It is also possible for the aircon freezing to be caused by low thermostat settings at night. 

Why is your aircon not cooling?

There are several reasons as to why your aircon is not cooling. When living in a high humidity and hot place like Singapore, it is important to have an air conditioner in your home. The most common reason that may cause an air conditioner not to cool efficiently in Singapore is because it has not been adjusted to fit the conditions of the surrounding. It is important to adjust the aircon’s settings to match with the humidity and heat in Singapore for efficiency. It is also a good idea to purchase air conditioners that are manufactured in Singapore as they are created to suit the heat and humidity in Singapore. If you have adjusted your aircon but it still has issues with cooling, then there is another underlying problem. 

The reason your air conditioner s not cooling could be due to aging. Most people do not know this but an air conditioner will reduce its efficiency as it ages. An average air conditioner can last for a maximum of fifteen years in Singapore. The number of years it lasts can be increased with constant servicing and maintenance. If you have been using your aircon for more than fifteen years and it has stopped cooling efficiently, it is time to change it. 

The second reason that can cause your air conditioner to stop cooling efficiently is dirt in the components of the air conditioner. An air filter that is clogged or a dust filled motor can cause the air conditioner to stop cooling adequately. Having dirt on the components can reduce the efficiency of the whole system and even reduce the aircon’s lifespan.

The other reason your aircon is not cooling could be because there are some parts that are faulty. Just like all other electronic components around your home, the aircon parts may at times become faulty and will require changing. 
All the above can be possibilities as to why you aircon is nor cooling adequately. The best thing to do is contact the aircon experts in Singapore to come and examine the system. They will be able to detect the problem and advice on the best measures to take

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