Why Aircon Automatic On and Off?

Want to know why aircon automatic on and off? Have you experienced lounging in your home on a hot sunny day, still feeling comfortable because of the cool breeze coming from your air conditioner, and suddenly it turns of by itself? Then just as you are about to check it out, it turns back on again? Before you panic in fear, understand that a ghost did not cause this. It normally happens to faulty air conditioning systems and you should have it fixed before the problem worsens.

Possible Causes

Before you go and call the air conditioner repair technician, check first if your unit comes with an energy-saver or sleep-mode features. Most aircon units, especially newer models and those with an Energy Star rating, come with these functions to help you conserve on energy. You must have turned it on; hence, your unit is turning off at certain times of the day. Read your unit’s manual and check for the instructions. You can turn off the feature for a couple of days and see if the problem continues to occur. If it does, then something else is causing it. If not, then you can turn on the energy-saving mode again for your benefit.

The most common cause of this problem is a dirty compressor. An air conditioner produces heat as it operates and this heat has to escape. However, if your compressor is dirty or clogged, heat has no way out, thus, causing an overheat. This will trigger the safety switch to turn the machine off. Once the unit has cooled down, it will turn on by itself.

If you have already cleaned the compressor, filter, and coil yet still the power keeps tripping, then the problem could be with your safety switch. You may need to have it inspected if it can still be repaired or a replacement is necessary.

Another cause is a low charge. Your unit may not have enough refrigerant in the system and needs to be charged.

Lastly, there must be something wrong with the electronic circuit board of your aircon. It can cause some components of the unit to stop working efficiently, like the fan coil, which again causes overheating.

Should You Repair It By Yourself?

You may be very tempted to do this to save on expense. Besides, cleaning the compressor and the filters of an air conditioning system sounds easy to do. However, if you do this wrong you may damage the system more instead of repairing it. Unless you know how to do it or unless you are qualified, then do not try to mess with your aircon’s inner components. This will prevent harm to you and your unit. Some wires carry low voltage in them and you cannot avoid them unless you recognize them. 

The circuit board is also very delicate and only those who have proper training can understand how each small part functions. Trouble shooting the exact cause of the problem can only be performed by someone with expertise on fixing air conditioning systems. Even charging your unit with refrigerant can only be done by an EPA certified person. Always seek the service of qualified and registered air conditioner repair technicians.

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