What Is The Meaning Of BTU In Aircon? (Updated)

What Is The Meaning Of BTU In Aircon
What Is The Meaning Of BTU In Aircon?

What is the meaning of BTU in the aircon? In case you live in Singapore, it’s likely that you need a good air conditioner in the summer heat. Most people keep looking for a good aircon installation and servicing company. Though there are numerous servicing and installation companies in the country, not every service offers excellent services at reasonable prices. 

In addition to this, the sheer number of companies can make your choice more difficult and overwhelming. Before you choose a company, it’s important to consider the company’s experience, cost of services, background, reputation and more. 

Though choosing a company is a major decision when you want to install an aircon in your home or office, what’s more important is to buy the right aircon. Besides the brand, size will play a very important role. In order to make sure your building is properly cooled, you need to choose the right sized aircon. This is only possible when you understand the meaning of BTU. 

What is the Meaning of BTU?

Choosing the right aircon BTU
Choosing the right aircon BTU

As most people know, aircons in Singapore are available in a lot of different sizes. Both window and split air conditioners come in various sizes and energy saving ratings. BTU is the standard to measure the cooling capacity of an aircon for a particular area. In simple terms, it’s the unit of power. 1 Watt is around 3.41214 BTU. 

When you’re purchasing an air conditioner, you may not have a clear idea about the right size you need to buy. In order to properly cool the area, you will have to consider the meaning of BTU and choose the right size. A better understanding of the unit can help you choose the best size for your room or building. 

Calculating the BTU required to properly cool the area is a simple process. You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge or skills. The first step is to multiply the width of the room with its length. When you have the correct answer, you should multiply it with 25 BTU. This is a standard measurement of cooling in different types of weather, including sunny, rainy, hot and humid days. 

For example, when your room is 15 feet long and 10 feet wide, the overall area is 150 square feet. You just need to multiply the number with 25 BTU. This will give you the minimum BTU requirement for the air conditioner you need to buy. In this case, you should buy an aircon with 3750 BTU cooling capacity. 

Some people are confused about a basic issue when buying an air conditioner in Singapore. They’re not sure if purchase a large aircon is better than purchasing a smaller one or not. The answer to such queries is simple. 

Choosing the right aircon
Choosing the right aircon

When you purchase an air conditioner with smaller BTU unit, it will continue to run for extended periods before properly cooling the room. Such an aircon tries to keep the area cool. This can lead to a substantial increase in your energy bills. Moreover, smaller aircons are not quite effective in cooling the area. 

Similarly, when you buy an oversized air conditioner, it can lead to problems. There are many people who think an aircon with larger BTU can cool the area quickly. Such thinking can defeat the purpose of buying and using an air conditioner. 

When cooling the area, an oversized aircon doesn’t properly extract moisture from the surrounding air. This can make you feel sticky and hot. Though the air blowing out of the unit will be cooler, not running the unit long enough causes insufficient extraction of moisture from the air. 

Due to this, it’s very important to understanding the meaning of BTU, and make properly calculations to find out the right size of aircon for your room or building. When you use an appropriate size air conditioner, it makes sure you enjoy cool air and excess moisture is extracted out of the room. Moreover, the unit won’t turn on and off frequently. Proper usage will also lead to lower energy bills. 

These days, most online aircon installation and servicing companies provide you with proper guides to understand the meaning of BTU. This helps you make an informed choice about the air conditioner size you need for your home or office. You just need to find a reputed aircon installation and servicing company to guide you in the right direction.

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