What Are The Functions Of Aircon Compressor?

What Is The Function Of Aircon Compressor?
What are the functions of an air conditioner compressor?

In Singapore, air conditioner is a must-have appliance in your home or office. The afternoon scorching solar can be unbearable. Although your room may be properly insulated, it is very important to ensure the air conditioner is always functioning.

Maintaining your air conditioner is a very important aspect that will improve the efficiency of the appliance and also its lifespan. To maintain the aircon in good working condition, it is vital to understand the functions of different parts.

Air compressor is a very important part of air conditioner that can directly determine how well the appliance operates. In fact, air conditioner compressor is the heart of the appliance. The other important parts are the condenser and the evaporator. For the appliance to operate optimally, the three parts must always be in good conditioner.

The compressor is the most common air conditioner part that can get faulty or break completely. If it is not properly functioning, the functionality of the entire aircon will be compromised. The following are the functions of the compressor.

Air transfer
One of the very important functions of air conditioner is heat transfer. Once the air rises above the set room temperature, the vent in the air conditioner sucks the warm air into the air conditioner. The compressor pushes the hot air to the condenser coil.

After the warm air has been absorbed to the appliance, the compressor pushes the air to the finned condenser coil where it is blown to cool. The refrigerant absorbs the warm air giving out cool air that cools the room.

When you tune to warm air mode, the compressor will push the cold air to the condenser coil where it is warmed giving warm air. The compressor is very important because it is actively involved in cooling the room.

The compressor turns the liquid

When the warm air has been absorbed, the compressor turns warm air into liquid. Under high pressure, it compresses the air into liquid. The liquid then passes through an expansion valve that once more turns the warm liquid into a cold and low-pressure liquid.

The aircon fluids get into the compressor as a warm gas with low pressure. It compresses the gas into tiny molecules that changes it into the liquid state. Because the liquid molecules are compressed into tiny molecules, they are empowered to absorb more warm air.

The cold liquid is very important has it helps in cooling the air. When the compressor is faulty, the liquid is not compressed and thus the air conditioner produces warm air even when it is turned into a cool mode. When you look at the parts of the aircon outside the room, you will see metal fins around. The fins act as a radiator that helps to dissipate heat.

If the compressor is properly working, by the time the warm air leaves the evaporator, it is should be cold and in low pressure. When the fluid gets warm, it gets back to the compressor to be cooled.

Absorbs heat

Another important function of the air conditioner is that it absorbs heat. Once the refrigerant gets into the evaporator coil which is always under low pressure, it is compelled to evaporate producing cool air. This process requires warm air which is absorbed from the room. As the warm air changes to cool air, the heat from the air in your room.

The fans are connected to the evaporator and help to circulate the cold air in the room to the evaporator fins thus maintaining cold room temperature. The thermostat in the air conditioner senses when the temperature reaches the set and turns the air conditioner off.

Once the air rises above the set room temperature, the thermostat will automatically turn the air conditioner on until the room temperature reaches the set temperature.

Removes humidity

When the compressor is not properly working, your room will turn humid. The compressor is the main part of the air conditioner that draws humidity out of the cold air before it is blown into your room.

How air exchange takes place

As you know, warm air is lighter than cold air. When the room gets warm, warm air rises above the cold air and is absorbed by the vent into the duct. The warm air is compressed by the compressor to liquid. Because liquid molecules are closely packed than air molecules, the liquid can absorb more heat than gas.

The heat in the air absorbed is actively removed by the cold liquid and blown into the room. This gives you the cold that you enjoy.

The compressor is not working

Although air conditioner is a very important part of aircon, it can break compromising the functionality of your air conditioner. The following are some of the common problems with air conditioner compressor.

The compressor is not working

At times, the compressor may fail to work. One of the major reasons why the compressor may fail to work is a low oil level. If the air conditioner is not completely working, you should see air conditioner services provider immediately. The compressor may also fail if the pressure in the tank gets below the cut-in pressure.

Excessive noise

At times, the compressor may start making some noise when operating. Low level of the oil in the crankcase, loose pulley, and piston that are hitting the valve plate are the common reasons. It is good to contact a professional air conditioner service provider to diagnose and fix the problems.

Air conditioner producing warm air

It is very frustrating to have your air conditioner producing warm air. There are many serious reasons that can make air conditioner to produce warm air. The best way to solve this issue is by looking for a professional service provider to troubleshoot and fix the problem. The air conditioner is a very important appliance.

The compressor is a very important part that when it breaks, it compromises the functionality of the entire system. To ensure your air conditioner is functioning efficiently, it is good to look for regular maintenance from a professional. Having your air conditioner regularly serviced will save you from the expensive replacement costs.

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