Step By Step Guide On Aircon Servicing

Aircon is a vital appliance to all of use. It plays a significant role in maintaining the desired temperature in our house. It helps our lives to become better and more comfortable. In order to ensure that the temperature of the aircon in your house is efficient, you need to have aircon servicing. Aircon servicing is done in order to guarantee you that the aircon will still be energy efficient so that you will be able to save more and more money in the long run. The money that you can save can be used to buy other things that you need in your house. For you to get the best aircon servicing for your aircon at home, you need to be aware of the step by step guide on how aircon servicing. Below is a short guide that can help you know the important steps that you need to take to have proper aircon servicing. This steps will secure the performance and quality of your aircon in the short term and long run.

1. Turn off your house’s power supply.

Safety is what you should always think first. Turning off the house’s power supply is the most important thing to do in order for you to be safe from any kind of bad circumstances. You need to look for your house’s power connections and switch it off. You can also shut off the circuit breaker before you do any work. This step will save you from having electric shocks and other electric power related hazards which can make you severely injured.

2. Clean the aircon’s filter.

The filter of your aircon is one the parts that you should regularly maintain in order to ensure the aircon’s optimal performance. Having faulty and dirty filters can shorten the lifespan of your house’s aircon because it can reduce the efficiency of the aircon in terms of power consumption. You need to inspect the filter every now and then so that no parts of it will be dirty. In order to locate the filter, you need to look closely at the return air duct. If the filters are dirty and reusable, then you can just clean it with water and soap so that the dirt from the filter core will be removed. Also, make sure that the filter is totally dry before you put it back to where it belongs. But if the filter is not reusable and has dirt on it, then you need to replace it with a new and clean filter. Buy the right filter and install it properly to avoid any kind of problem in the future.

3. Clean the aircon’s condenser.
Cleaning the aircon’s condenser is the third thing that you need to do. You need to rake first the leaves and debris from the aircon’s condenser and clean all the bushes and plants that can obstruct the coil. Upon cleaning the outside, you need to open it and clean the inside parts well. The leaves and debris should be removed before you clean the condenser’s coil with water and soap. Be careful when cleaning the inside because there are some sharp metals in it. Buy a condenser that has an easy to open panel which will make the work easier and a lot safer.

4. Level the aircon’s outdoor unit.

The outdoor unit of the aircon should also be kept in a level position. If it is not in a level position, then the compressors and aircon fan motors can wear much faster than others, Having a level position will ensure that the drain and other parts of the aircon are working perfectly. You can also place something underneath the aircon if you don’t have anything with you. Calling for the help of a professional is still the best option for you to guarantee that everything will be better and more energy efficient.

5. Clean the aircon’s return air grill.

Having a vacuum cleaner will really be of great help if you will use it to clean the air grill of your aircon. The use of a soft brush can also be effective to get rid of the dirt film and other dust inside the aircon. Turn off first the thermostat before you do the procedure to avoid the dust from the aircon’s grill to get in the air supply when cleaning. Make sure that there will be no furniture and drapes whenever you are doing this step.

6. Fix all water pooling system.
Fixing the leaks that can cause pooling is also very important. You need to check the tubes of the aircon for any holes and cracks that should be sealed immediately. If you find the tubes to be fine, then the nest is to check the floor drain near the condensation pipe. Clean the drain from any debris that can cause pooling. Simply put some water in the drain pan for you to know if the drain is working properly or not. If the water doesn’t trigger any action from the condensation pump, then it is okay. But if there is an action triggered by the presence of water, then there is a problem in the condensation pump.

7. Get professional maintenance.

To get a professional aircon maintenance, you need to hire an expert who will check your aircon at least once a year.You will also save money from having professional maintenance because the cost of major repairs that can happen if there is no professional help is much higher than a maintenance. You need to contact a professional company which you know can give you the best service. Your money should also be worth it because the workers should restore the good quality of your aircon. 

Indeed, the steps mentioned above just serve as a guide for you to know how to do aircon servicing. You should also read the manufacturer manual on servicing and maintenance for you to at least save some money. Having a good quality and energy efficient aircon is something that you are probably wishing. So try now these steps in order to do proper aircon servicing for you to be amazed by how much good your aircon will be in the long run.

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