10 Ways To Keep Yourself Cool On A Sunny Day

Keeping yourself cool, especially in hot weather is not just about attitude – you need to put extra attention to your body. It’s very important to keep yourself cool because there are some risks of getting extremely hot in hot sun, such as dehydration, overheating, or even risking suffering from heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat stress. Keeping yourself cool may also help keep your mood calm because heat usually exacerbates feelings of frustration, stress and tension. There are many easy and most effective ways to keep yourself cool on a sunny day.

1. Plan Ahead

Whatever you are doing outdoor, having a proper plan will help reduce some unnecessary activities in the sun. For instance, if you are jogging, hiking, or even running, carefully study the area map especially in the morning and choose the best route – with the most of shade/cool places where possible. If you have to drive a lot during sunny days, plan ahead by checking and ensuring your HVAC is in good condition. Additionally, remember to keep enough water supply on board for re-hydration. Planning ahead will help you set time limits for your outdoor activities and plan the best ways of minimizing the effects of the sun. During sunny days, less important outdoor activities can be done when its cooler.

2. Dress Simply

Lightweight and loose-fitting clothing is the best choice for keeping you cooler. It’s even better if the clothing is light in color, as this reflects the sunlight and heat better. Short-sleeved shirts and shorts are also good choices, even though pants and a lightweight long-sleeved shirt are preferable, especially if you are working outdoors or hiking for a length of time, because they help to protect you against the ultraviolet rays. The clothing material also matters a lot when it comes to regulating your body temperature. For example, cotton clothing is best for keeping you cool and although certain synthetic clothes be careful of some as they can increase heat. 

For your head, wear something like a wide-brimmed hat that will provide shade over your head, hence helping keeping you cooler. Adding sunglasses to your outfit is a good idea too. Since excess makeup can also impede sweating, it’s therefore good to consider wearing less of it to avoid feeling hotter, especially around the facial area. Also, consider wearing fewer accessories during sunny days. Considerably, metallic accessories can easily heat up and wearing a few of them is very good to keep yourself cool. 

3. Stay Indoors During Hot and Sunny Hours
It’s very important to stay out of the sun, especially when it is at its hottest. While it’s very difficult to stay indoor all day long, it’s good to avoid travelling, exercising, walking or sitting in the hot sun as much as you can. Try to limit your exposure to the sun especially between 10am – 4pm every day during summer months. If you find yourself outdoor during these hours, retreat to shade as much as possible to limit your exposure to the sun. Most importantly, drink a lot of water and when the heat is quite excessive, spend your time in air-conditioned places. If you can’t stay at home all day long, you can visit public buildings, such as theater and library.

4. Stay Hydrated

Water is very essential for keeping you cool on a sunny day. It keeps your body cool and that’s why you should always drink water even if you are not thirsty. It’s also advised to drink energy drinks and other commercial waters, especially during and after a sporting activity. Buy a durable water pack or bottle that you can easily tote just anywhere and refill at any nearest safe water tap. One of the best ways of checking the level of your hydration is to measure the color and frequency of your urination – if the color is dark and/or if you haven’t urinated in a while, you need to drink a lot of water. During sunny days, try to avoid sugary drinks like sodas and don’t drink alcoholic drinks too. Additionally, limit the amount of caffeinated drinks because they tend to increase dehydration. 

5. Wear the Right Type of Footwear

Wearing footwear that breathes also helps you reduce the amount of heat in your feet. Flip-flops are the best for certain activities, but strenuous activities require comfort, support, and durability. Sport sneakers are also ideal type of footwear you should wear during a hot sun day. Consider wearing socks that can easily wick away moisture to help keep you comfortable and cool. If you are going to the pool or beach, put on water-shoes to protect your feet from sharp objects in the water and heat of the beach-sand. For urban wear, flip-flops and sandals are basically ideal for keeping yourself cool during hot, sunny days.

6. Eat the Right Food to Stay Cool

There are certain foods that can keep you cool. Some include fresh raw food, salads, fruits and vegetables. Avoid consuming protein-heavy foods and meat especially when it’s very hot outside because these foods increase production of metabolic heat that can contribute to water loss. Try as much as possible to avoid consuming junk foods and look for foods that you can eat without cooking. In addition, cold soups also the best choice during hot weather. 

7. Have a Cold Bath/Shower
During a sunny day, having a cold bath helps a lot to keep your body refreshed and cool. In fact, even a small amount of cold water splashed or sprayed on you can do wonders in cooling you down. For instant cooling relief, try a face-washer dipped in cold water and then held against your forehead and face. If you want to cool the entire body, wet some towels and wrap your arms, legs, and torso with them. 

8. Use Fans and Other Cooling Systems

Weather electric or hand-held, fans continuously circulate air to help keep you cool. Battery or paper-operated fans can be used at home, at work, or on the go. Generally, in your office and home space, locate some portable fans, especially around the areas you usually rest or work to minimize the heat mugginess. If possible, try designing your own swamp cooler by placing a basin/bowl of chilled water in from of your fan and allowing the air blow over it. Alternatively, you can wet a large sheet or towel, and hang it in front of your fan and allow the air blow freely through the wet piece of fabric. 

9. Turn Off All Appliances When Unused

When your home appliances operate on electricity, they produce their own heat and as a result, the created heat circulates the whole room. So turn then off when not in use. By switching them off, heat circulating within the room can be greatly reduced.

10. Apply So Much Sunscreen Products

Applying a lot of sunscreen lotion/cream throughout the day can help protect your body against hot sun. The protective function of these products only last for some hours, especially when you’re in water. For the best coverage, reapply your sunscreen lotion/cream frequently, but don’t rely on such products alone. 

Conclusively, with all these great ways, keeping yourself cool on a sunny day is easy and possible.

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