How To Use Normal Fan And Aircon To Save Electricity?

The sunny and warm conditions of Singapore especially between May and June cause aircon sales to go up through the roof every year. Most modern Singaporean homes have aircon as well as normal fan. This is mainly because aircon units typically consume a lot of electricity. Even though, normal fans cannot be compared with an aircon in terms of cooling power, they consume far less electricity. This makes these fans a great money saving option for days that are not too hot. 


How much electricity do aircon’s and normal fans typically consume? Well, that’s a tricky question to answer. If the aircon is running on a high cool mode it can consume anything around 1200w which is astronomical compared to a normal fan which typically consumes around 150w. However, if the aircon unit is running in fan mode without turning on the compressor it can consume as little as 100 to 150w of power. So, the obvious question here is does aircon fan save more electricity than a normal fan? Well, that depends on the individual aircon and fan models. In general, both normal fans and aircon fans more or less consume the same amounts of electricity. Instead of pitting these two technologies against each other, it’s best to look at them as tag team partners. When used properly normal fan and aircon can help you save electricity and keep your home cool throughout the year. Here are 7 tips on how you can use both of these cooling assets to save energy, as well as get optimal cooling performance.

Use Normal Fan When It’s Not Too Hot: 

Sometimes turning on the aircon is simply not necessary. Most people get into the habit of turning on the aircon whether they need it or not. As mentioned earlier fans consume a lot less electricity when compared to aircon’s. In this case, all you need to do is change your habit. Buy an indoor thermometer and make it a point not to turn on the aircon unless a certain temperature is reached. In the end, this will not only help you save electricity but also help you get over your addiction of turning on the aircon all the time.

Switch On The Aircon Fan After Room Is Cool: 

This is a great tip to keep the electricity bill low even during hot summer days. Even when the outside temperature is unbearably hot, you don’t need to keep the aircon on throughout the night. This is mainly because the insulation of the room keeps the cool air trapped inside. Therefore, it’s best to keep the aircon turned on for about 1 hour starting from the time you hit the bed. Once the room reaches a nice cool temperature you can turn the compressor off and turn on the aircon’s fan. This simple move will help you save a lot on your electricity bill. However, make sure the fan is running on internal circulatory mode. If not the aircon’s fan will draw in hot air from outside causing the temperature of the room to soar.

Switch On The Normal Ceiling Fan To Spread The Cool Air: 

If you have a big room it can be difficult for a single aircon to spread the cool air evenly to all the corners. This is why some rooms have pockets of cool and warm areas even when the aircon is turned on. To put it in perspective, if there are two people in the room, one might feel chilly while the other person feels warm. The best way to eliminate this problem is to turn on the ceiling fan along with the aircon. A ceiling fan typically circulates air to all corners of the room and can help spread the cool air evenly.

Turn On The Aircon Fan To Let Fresh Air In: 

A well-insulated room often gets stuffy due to lack of fresh oxygen. The lack of fresh air also causes foul smells to linger around the room. As much as you want the room to be nice and cool, it’s also important to let in fresh air for a good night of sleep. This is why make it a point to turn on the aircon’s fan to suck in fresh air from the outside every few days. This will help replenish the room’s oxygen level helping you get a better and healthier sleep.

Settle For A Higher Temperature Setting: 

There are a lot of people who run the aircon on the lowest temperature setting throughout the night. This causes the temperature of the room to plummet making the occupants chilly and uncomfortable. Think about it, is it really worth spending so much on electricity bills even when the excessively cold temperature inside the room makes you uncomfortable? Ideally you should want the temperature to be cool and comfortable rather than being chilly and shivering. Just by keeping the temperature setting a little on the higher side you will be able to save a significant amount of money each year.

Run The Fan And Aircon Together:

Another simple tip to keep a tab on the electricity bill is to run the normal fan and aircon simultaneously. As mentioned earlier, this helps to evenly spread the air to provide a more efficient cooling. Apart from that, the chill breeze effect of a normal fan will make you feel a lot cooler. This means you can easily turn up the temperature setting in the aircon and reduce the load on the compressor.

Turn On The Fan Before Turning On The Aircon: 

Most rooms with aircon’s are typically well insulated to keep the cool air trapped in. However, this insulation plays a negative role when the aircon is turned off. This is mainly because when the aircon is turned off, the room starts to get hot and the insulation keeps the hot air trapped inside. Thanks to this effect, the room gets hotter than the normal outside temperature. Now when you turn on the aircon, the compressor has to deal with the extra load of cooling the hot air inside consuming more electricity. This is why it’s best to first open all the windows and doors and turn on the normal fan. The fan will help drive the hot air outside, quickly bringing down the temperature of the room. Turning on the aircon now will result in faster cooling and reduce the load on the compressor, thus saving electricity.

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