How To Tell If My Aircon Need Servicing?

Living in Singapore is not only fun, it is also lovely. However, you will have to go through humid conditions. Humid weather is quite uncomfortable to human. To keep indoors conditions comfortable, more and more Singapore residents are installing air-cons. These equipments are very successful in regulating the temperature of a room and also reducing its humidity level. Aircon works be transferring heat from inside a room to the outside environment hence making the room cooler than the surrounding. 

Although a good air con will take along time before needing any aircon servicing, there are a couple of sings that you should look out for so that you can be able to tell if your aircon needs servicing.

Reduction in cooling performance

How fast it takes your aircon to cool your room to a certain temperature is very important in indicating any problem. A proper working aircon will normally take shorter time to cool a room than a faulty aircon. By comparing your aircon performance right now and when it was new, you will be able to notice if the performance is still the same or it has quite deteriorated. If you notice that the aircon is under performing,you should call in an aircon servicing company to check it out. Longer running time of the aircon is also an indication that its cooling performance has reduced.

The aircon runs almost continuously

An air condition should be able to run just for a certain time them shut itself off and them wait till the the room to start warming again. If your aircon is running almost continually until you manually stop it, them it needs servicing. Continuous running may mean two things, either the aircon cooling capacity has gone down or the temperature sensor is spoiled. You should call a technician as soon as you notice this as it will lead to very high energy bills.

Unusual or excessive noises 

When an aircon is new or well serviced, it will produce very little noise. As it continues to operate, it starts wearing out and some parts start becoming loose hence it will start making noise. The noise can come either from the indoor unit or the outdoor unit. When you start hearing these noises, know your aircon is not operating normally and hence it needs servicing.

The equipment turns on and off frequently

Air-cons normally do not turn on an off in very short intervals. They should be on for some time them off for some time too. If you notice that your aircon is turning off and on more frequently that is used to them you need to service it. If the aircon also keep shorting out the fuses or circuit breakers, it needs a professional to check the problem.

Lesser air flow from the vents

Decrease in the amount of airflow coming from your aircon vent is a clear indication that it needs aircon servicing. You should also call in a technician when you notice the refrigerant is leaking out or water is leaking from the unit.

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