How Can I Tell If Aircon Condenser Needs A Chemical Clean?

A home is a place of refuge from all the hullabaloos of this world. It is the place that you spend quality time with your loved ones. But it could also turn noisy from the air condition unit not working properly or completely gone haywire. This causes much inconvenience to freely flowing cool air at your residence, thus interrupting a home’s enjoyment due to an uncomfortably hot environment.

You might wonder what causes this frustrating situation. Could it be that your air-con has aged out quicker than you expected? Most of the time, a big NO. Air conditioners‘ functionality mostly relies on maintenance and a little repair here and there in the unit.

A critical part of the unit is the AC condenser. The condenser is a vital part of the unit responsible for converting warm air into cool air that you receive inside your home (figuratively). This part may be most affected by bacteria thriving on it and bringing dirty air inside your house.

Checking aircon condenser
Checking aircon condenser

The condenser may cease to function properly and offer poor quality air leading to technical hitches inside the unit, mostly causing unnecessary noise. Dirty air is mostly caused by the unclean A/C condenser requiring one to clean it as fast as possible to continue enjoying the air conditioning unit’s services.

An aircon chemical clean is necessary to restore the condenser’s functionality and the air conditioning unit as a whole. Chemical handling is a sensitive issue that may pose a great danger to a person, equipment, or the unit itself, rendering it useless and needing a brand new unit.

You do not have to go all that way to incur more financial obligations in these hard economic times. We at Singapore Aircon Servicing are specialized to service your air conditioner and guarantee 100% satisfaction effectively.

Singapore Aircon Servicing is the leading air conditioners service provider, repair, and chemical wash in Singapore. We are a team with vast experience in handling air conditioners. Our skilled specialists are the best in the country with immense knowledge of the air conditioners’ available models, after receiving undisputed enormous training in the relevant field.

Aircon condenser
Aircon condenser

To give your air conditioner a chemical clean, we use different alkaline and acid-based cleaners that forms a chemical reaction between the condenser coil surface and the cleaner. It is then given a thorough clean to remove all the debris, giving your condenser a sparkling clean surface and reviving its usefulness back to normal.

We are the experts in the local market. Offering other companies your sensitive air conditioning unit to fix it may mostly prove to be costly as they do not understand these beautiful machines as we do. At Singapore Aircon Servicing, we offer the lowest rates compared to other companies.

Our enormous expertise is readily available at a moment’s notice as we value your comfort in your home. Contact us today; at Singapore Aircon Servicing to get the best to repair, service or chemical wash your air conditioner.

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