How To Solve Aircon Tripping Problem?

If you use an Aircon in your home since some time then you might have faced the aircon tripping problem till this time. In case, you are new to this problem then let me tell you that this problem can occur because of so many reasons and you might need to check one all the factors to resolve the aircon tripping problem. However, in this article, I am going to share some basic tips that can explain how to solve Aircon tripping problem in easy and effective manner. 

Reduce load of devices: 
This is one of the most common problem that result in aircon tripping problem. If you will attach a lot of devices on the same circuit or outlet, then you increase the chances of overloading. In this situation your Aircon trip and this aircon tripping problem keeps on going until you reduce the load from that outlet or power circuit. The good thing about this problem is that once you identify the problem, then you can resolve the problem by yourself in almost no time. So, if you are facing aircon tripping problem, then I would recommend you to unplug all the devices other than your Aircon and then you check if it’s working fine or not. If you get positive result with it, then you can leave it else you can try other approaches to resolve the problem. 

Deal with Voltage fluctuation: 

Voltage fluctuation is another very common reason that results in Aircon tripping problem. Due to low voltage or fluctuation in voltage your Aircon might trip on regular interval and you might not get good result with it. So, if you have any kind of voltage fluctuation in your area, then you should install a good quality voltage stabilizer for your Aircon. This voltage stabilizer will not only reduce the aircon tripping problem but it will increase the life of your Aircon as well and you will need to invest less money in its servicing also. 

Correct your wirings: 

If you have improper wiring then also you can face the problem of Aircon tripping on frequent basis. This is one thing that you cannot trace nor you can solve the problem, but you can make an idea about the problem on the basis of various factors. If you notice that other electrical instrument such as fridge, TV or microwave also do not function properly or they start tripping on random manner, then you can consider it a wiring problem and you can ask a good electrician to check the problem. But in this situation I would never recommend you to check it by yourself unless you have all the knowledge, skills and certifications to do that. 

Due to dirty filter: 

Many people do not like to invest their time or money in the changing of dirty filter and as a result of that they end up having aircon tripping problem in their home or office. If you are dealing with this problem in your home or office and you have not changed the Aircon filter since a long time then now is the time to change it. When you will change the filter then it will reduce the load on your air conditioner and your aircon tripping problem will get away in no time. Also along with aircon tripping problem, you will be able to get better cooling also from your Aircon after changing its filter. So, it is safe to say that a simple filter changing can help you get better result in many ways.

Due to lack of coolant: 

If you have lack of coolant in your Aircon then you can certainly have the aircon tripping problem. When the coolant level drop, then it significantly reduces the cooling as well and your Aircon compressor keeps on working nonstop without any cooling. Although you cannot check the coolant level by yourself, but if you are having lack of cooling in addition to aircon tripping issue, then you can consider it as an issue of low coolant level. In that situation you would need to contact a mechanic and you can ask him to check the coolant level. If he would notice drop in coolant amount, then he can check the problem and he can solve it else other options are there that you can try.

Problems in compressor: 

Sometime all the things may be good in your Aircon, but your Aircon might be placed in an improper manner. Due to that improper placing your Aircon might not work as it should and it can do the tripping on frequent basis. If you are Aircon compressor or outdoor unit is not getting enough power then you may face the aircon tripping issue. So, check the power amp that your Aircon compressor is getting and if it is not getting enough power then contact an electrician for that. Other than that you also need to cross check that Aircon outdoor unit is properly ventilated because lack of ventilation can also create this complication. So, if you have these issues then check the problem and solve it accordingly to get the best cooling from your Aircon in easy manner. 

Problems in your Aircon: 

If you have any kind of mechanical problems in your Aircon then also you may face aircon tripping problem and in that condition only a good Aircon technician can solve the problem for you. I would suggest you to contact a mechanic only if you are not able to solve the problem by yourself, but if you think other solutions that I shared above are not working then I would strongly recommend you to contact a mechanic for your aircon tripping problem. The biggest issue in this situation is that problem can be because of some minor part, but you might never know that. When you will contact a mechanic then you will be able to deal with the issue in a confident manner and you will get better result as well for the problem that you are facing.

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