How to Increase the Life of Your Home Aircon

You can increase the efficiency and lifespan of your home aircon by installing it properly and taking care of it regularly and frequently. Most people expect from their AC to serve them for many years regardless of their size and model. The expected life of your AC depends upon its model as well as the care and maintenance it receives. Some tips are provided here under to help you in extending the life of the air conditioning unit in your home.

Give rest to your Air Conditioner: 
Your air conditioners will wear out quickly if you run it constantly without any break. If you are planning to leave your home for a considerable length of time then you should turn you home aircon off. However, if you do not want to turn it off then you should set its thermostat at a minimum temperature so that it can remain on without cooling the interior. You can also increase the life of your AC by increasing the temperature of its thermostat at night as it will help in giving a break to your domestic aircon automatically.

Regular cleaning of the aircon: 
The outdoor unit of your air conditioner has to face natural elements consistently and hence becomes dirty even if you have protected it properly. In such condition, you will have to clean your home aircon regularly. You can optimize the working of your air conditioner by cleaning the dirt, leaves, dust and other types of debris from it. The regular cleaning of the outdoor unit of your aircon will reduce the chances of breakdowns to a considerable level.

Regular tuning of the AC:
 To extend the life of your air conditioner it is important to tune it up regularly. You can prevent problems in their initial stage and maintain the condition of your home aircon by tuning it up on a regular basis. The right time to tune-up your AC is before the start of the summer season i.e. spring season before you start using it more frequently. The professional tuning service provider will clean and fix all of its components after inspecting them thoroughly. It will also help in preventing future costly repairs and maintenance.

Improve circulation of air: 
The working of your air conditioning unit involves pumping-in cold air to keep your room cool. So to allow it to do its work efficiently you will have to provide proper circulation of air to it. So if there is some obstruction on the air vents you should clear them off to ensure adequate flow of air to your home aircon. It will also help in increasing the life of your unit as it need not work harder to provide cool air inside your home.

Check Leaks: 
Any kind of leakage in your air conditioner can cause problems in its proper running and can reduce its life. So to increase the life of your home aircon it is important to check its leaks at least once in a year.

Change the Filter: 
You can prevent clogging of the filter of your air conditioner if you change them frequently. You can not only improve the overall efficiency of your home aircon by changing its filter frequently but also save lots of money by reducing energy consumption and increase its lifespan. Depending upon the frequency to use the air conditioner it is recommended to change its filter after using it for 30-60 days.

Clean the Ducts: 
The flow of cool air into your home can sometimes be obstructed due to blockage in the air ducts as they can slow down the airflow if they are dirty. If the ducts are not cleaned for a long time then debris and dirt can accumulate in them and obstruct the flow of cold air into your home. You can improve the flow of air into your home along with increasing the life of your home aircon by cleaning its ducts at least once in a year on a regular basis.

Thus by following the tips provided in this write-up you can easily increase the life of your home aircon. Your air conditioner will work properly for a long time if it is maintained properly. You should hire a professional aircon service to take care of your domestic air conditioner if you do not have time due to your busy work schedule.

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