How To Evaluate Your Aircon Servicing Needs? (Updated)

Though it is easy to evaluate aircon servicing needs, some homeowners in Singapore really wonder when their air conditioners stop working properly due to their inexperience or lack of knowledge.

On the other hand, some of the homeowners try to find out problems in their air conditioning systems before they completely stop working, due to their worsened condition, through the signs shown by their AC regarding their repairing needs. 

Most people turn on their air conditioners to fight back the increasing heat during summers to keep their days and nights cool and comfortable. But to improve their air conditioner’s performance during hot months, they have to arrange for their usual maintenance regularly.

Your air conditioner may need the attention of an expert technician if it is not functioning as required. So when you evaluate that your aircon is not working properly, you should immediately call an aircon servicing professional. You check the warranty section of the user manual to know about the company’s warranty on your home air conditioner. 

Aircon servicing
Aircon servicing

Evaluating your aircon’s servicing needs is good the schedule of the servicing of your air conditioner through a qualified professional to maximize its efficiency during hot months. To ensure the servicing needs of your air conditioner, you can assess it through six signs.

Some of the signs clearly show the need for servicing, whereas some warn the homeowners in this regard. If you recognize these warning signs, then you can control the problem before it gates unmanageable by calling a professional aircon service as soon as possible. These signs are briefly discussed hereunder for your guidance. 

Not providing cool air properly: 
Sometimes you may find that your air conditioner is not working properly. It may not provide cool air at all, even if it runs at full speed and potential. This sign will help in knowing that your aircon seriously needs to be repaired.

In fact, the meaning of lack of cool air is that either the compressor of your aircon has stopped working or the level of refrigerant is low in your system. You may plan to replace your air conditioning unit in such a condition.

Poor flow of air: 
The failure of your air conditioning unit’s compressor can also cause poor airflow through its vents. There can be various other reasons for poor airflow from your AC vents, like the problem in its ductwork, which may be leaking cool air in other rooms or areas in your home instead of directly to its vents.

Great aircon flow
Great aircon flow

The blockage of the vents of air conditioners due to debris accumulation can also cause poor airflow. So in such a condition, you can evaluate the immediate requirement of aircon servicing from a qualified professional. The cleaning of the duct or the repair or replacement of the aircon compressor will improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and reduce the risk to you and your family’s health. 

The problem with its thermostat: 
Sometimes your air conditioner stops working properly due to its thermostat instead of the unit’s air conditioning system. If your air conditioner cools various parts of your home variably, then it is an obvious sign that its thermostat has some problem. 

Unexpected leakage or moisture: 
There can be some problem in your air conditioning unit if you find leakage or moisture near or around your AC. Your air conditioner can leak due to two reasons due to blockage in the drain line due to leakage of refrigerant. The problem can be serious if your air conditioner stops cooling due to a leak of refrigerant.

The leaked refrigerant can not only stop cooling your rooms but also increases health risks for you and your family. So you should call the servicing expert to repair and refill the refrigerant immediately. But if the drain line of your air conditioner is blocked with dirt and debris or broken due to any reason, then it can pool water, disposed of by its condensation, around its compressor unit.

Though it does not pose a serious problem to continue the proper working of your air conditioner, it should be tackled as soon as possible. 

Aircon services
Aircon services

The emergence of strange noises: 
Sometimes your air conditioner starts creating grating, grinding, or squealing sounds. These sounds are the clear warning signs that your aircon needs immediate servicing. There must be something wrong inside the air conditioning unit, which may cause serious and costly damages if not tackled at the earliest.

Sometimes, your unit slips’ belt may cause a squealing sound, whereas a grinding sound can occur if its motor’s bearing gets damaged. Lack of lubrication of its moving parts can cause a grating sound. So you can evaluate the cause of sound before calling the aircon servicing professional. 

The occurrence of strange odors: 
Sometimes, the insulation of your air conditioning units’ wires is burnt out to produce a foul or pungent smell from its vents. Similarly, the presence of molds inside the ductwork of your AC or its conditioning unit can cause a musty smell if not cleaned for long.

It would help if you were habitual to frequently clean your aircon to manage such issues and maintain your air conditioner without calling a professional technician. You can reduce the servicing needs of your aircon and your expenses on its maintenance by using some DIY techniques unless it requires some replacement.

If it requires some replacement, you can save money and improve the efficiency of your air conditioner by calling a professional service for this purpose as soon as possible. 

Thus you can easily evaluate the needs of aircon servicing for your unit with the help of the tips provided in this write-up. But most people avoid calling professional servicing experts frequently to save their money.

You can avoid calling a repair service if you have a new air conditioner as its manufacturer’s warranty covers its servicing expenses for a specific period. But if your aircon in Singapore is old, they would not overlook even its minor problems as they can be serious anytime.

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