How To Do DIY Aircon Servicing?

How To Do DIY Aircon Servicing? To ensure that your air conditioning system is ready to tackle the long hot weather and getting it serviced is important. No one likes the idea of spending your days dealing with an air-con system that’s not working correctly.

You’ll be facing long, hot, miserable nights where you’re just going to be too uncomfortable to even sleep. Knowing that you can get instant relief from the hot human temperatures within minutes of walking in your front door is an important part of surviving the hot weather.

So with this in mind, we put together a simple guide! By following these 10 simple steps, you will ensure your Aircon works correctly.

#1 Disconnect its power source

First turn off the power at your breaker box inside secondly look for any shut off box near the exterior unit and turn that off

#2 Clean inside the unit

How To Do DIY Aircon Servicing?

Clean around the unit and remove the cage from the fan. But eating using an old vacuum or by hand you can remove any debris, dirt or leaves you see on the interior.

#3 Wipe the fins

Once you remove the outer covers and brush and vacuum the fins to remove as much dirt as possible. Then wash them down from inside to out removing any debris dirt or dust.

#4 Fix any damaged fins

If you notice any damaged fins, straighten them, they can easily achieve this using a thin straightening tool or even a butter knife. Be gentle as you don’t want to damage them.

#5 Clean around the unit

Remove any debris you see around the condenser also if there’s any vegetation or branches overhanging it clear at least two feet in diameter to ensure a correct airflow

#6 Make sure it is level

It’s very common for the air conditioner unit to settle on its original pad. Make sure it’s level as a compressor left at an angle will fail quickly.

#7 You need to clean the evaporator coil

How To Do DIY Aircon Servicing?

Looking inside the unit, you clearly see a coil on these plays a vital role in the aircon system working. Brush I need dry dust off the coil then spray it with a coil cleanser. This will form up and then you can wash it using a little bleach, hot water, and soap mixture.

#8 Clean the drain

Every air conditioning unit has an evaporator drain that regularly becomes blocked, resulting in flooding. If your system has a drain float, this can result in the system overworking and not cooling as it should.

#9 Replace the filter

How To Do DIY Aircon Servicing?

Don’t clean the old filter it’s not worth it simply by a new one and make sure when you are replacing it that you match the airflow direction otherwise you could damage the entire unit

#10 Switch the power on

Obviously the last step is self-explanatory you want to ensure that your system remains functioning after you’ve serviced it

Five reasons to service your air conditioner regularly

Create a comfortable environment

How To Do DIY Aircon Servicing?

By servicing your air con unit regularly, you ensure that it can create and maintain a comfortable indoor environment on the most humid and warm days. When a unit is not surfaced, it cannot control your interior humidity or temperature.

Reduce Utility Bills

He maintained that AC units are expensive to run at the best of times. An unserviced unit, it’s going to use far more energy just to run some basic functions.

Prolong the Life of the AC Unit

How To Do DIY Aircon Servicing?

If your AC unit is working harder just to do some basic functions, eventually the fins and coils will become coated with debris and dust. They will heat because of impeded air flow and have to work far harder eventually the entire unit will fail long before it should.

More eco friendly

Good service air conditioning units are better for the environment. It uses less energy and as a result, is healthier.

Save money in the long run

How To Do DIY Aircon Servicing?

Breakages and replacement of AC units are far more expensive than servicing costs. By DIY aircon servicing, you could identify and fix minor issues long before they become significant ones.

How To Do DIY Aircon Servicing? – Conclusion

We hope this DIY guide to Aircon servicing proves useful, as you see it is not something your should ignore.

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