How To Clean An Aircon

Do you own an air conditioner and hunting for flawless tips that you can use to clean it up? If so, the various inevitable tricks on how to clean an air conditioner mentioned below will definitely prove very crucial to your needs. Once you purchase an air conditioner, after using it for a while you will likely realize your unit is not pumping out enough air or is less effective at offering the cooling effect your desire to have in your home. Basically, there are several things that are likely to make your air conditioner less effective. If you wish to restore your air conditioner to its initial state in case it is not functioning properly, one of the factors you need to adhere to is giving it a thorough cleaning procedure. 

However, cleaning your air conditioner using do- it- yourself processes is not always advisable since it is usually accompanied with several pitfalls. For instance, do- it- yourself air conditioner cleaning means you will be the one searching for materials and equipment as well as the processes to utilize during the cleaning activity. Such factors can make the entire aircon cleaning procedure turn out to be time consuming. Also, during DIY cleaning, in case of any damages or accidents when attending to your air conditioner, you will be responsible for them. It is therefore advisable in case your air conditioner is not functioning effectively, you seek for the services of a reputable cleaner in your area providing aircon unit cleaning and maintenance services. If you will choose to clean your air conditioner by yourself, here are some various tricks you should consider utilizing if you want to attain impeccable cleaning results:

DIY Aircon Cleaning Tips

#1: Cleaning the Condenser Coils

It is ideal you first turn off the power running to your aircon unit. To access easily and be able to clean your unit’s condenser coils, you will be required to remove carefully the outer casing using a screwdriver. Once you remove the outer casing, ensure you remove also any other component that may be obstructing accessibility to your air conditioner’s coils. When you successfully remove the coils, brush off keenly any surface grime or dirt using a duster or a stiff brush. Also, make sure you remove from the coils caked or trapped on dirt by using an effective cleaning agent. Once you are done, rinse the coils in clean water.

#2: Removing and Cleaning the Filters

Filter panels provide defensive mechanisms to your aircon against different nasty airborne products like bacteria and dust. Therefore, they are likely to get dirty as well as clogged very fast and thus require to be cleaned more often. To clean the aircon’s filter panels, carefully take them outside to avoid dislodging any of the dirt or dust on them inside your house. It is ideal you vacuum the panels so as to get rid of all the dirt and grime attacked to them. 

#3: Cleaning the Fan Coil

The fan coil is meant to blow cool air out of the air conditioner unit to the specific room it’s serving. For you to access easily the fan coil, you will require to remove the indoor aircon’s chassis using a screwdriver. 

Once you access the fan coil, spray it carefully with any suitable and effective cleaning solution. You should then leave it for approximately 15minutes after spraying it and then rinse it off carefully with warm water. Allow the fan coil to drain off before you rinse again. You should let it to dry before you place it to its initial position in your air conditioner. 

However, if you feel these tricks are somewhat hectic to follow, look for any reliable aircon cleaning service provider in your area to assist you out. Since not all firms offering air conditioner cleaning services are genuine or experienced, conduct a few researches about aircon cleaning experts for you to be able to locate a cleaning expert that will guarantee impeccable cleaning solutions and charge you fairly for the services rendered. Here are some tips to put into consideration when in need of an air conditioner cleaning professional to hire:

How to Find Reliable Air Conditioner Cleaning Service Providers

Tip#1: Looking for Legitimate Air Conditioner Cleaning Companies Online

You can acquire any information concerning air conditioner cleaning pros you desire to know if you can access a computer, tab or smartphone and internet. Search online, ways of finding legitimate companies offering affordable aircon cleaning services,’ and several alternatives you can put into consideration will be offered. 

However, only rely on the content that you are very aware is being generated by legitimate sources for you to eliminate probabilities of being misled. 

Tip#2: Information and Reference

Family members, buddies or any other person in your neighbourhood you know may have hired a professional to clean his or her air conditioner previously can enable you find several reputable aircon cleaning service providers to liaise with. 

These people should connect you with the different cleaners they promoted, inform you about the amount they were charged for cleaning services rendered as well as alert you about the demerits and merits they encountered when dealing with the aircon cleaning and maintenance firms they dealt with. 

Tip#3: Visiting Different Experts Offering Air Conditioner Cleaning Services you have Found

Visit several firms providing air conditioner cleaning solutions you’ve managed to locate so that you can verify if they are legitimate by inquiring their services. It is important you go through the reference lists these companies have recorded testimonials content of their previous clients, take several numbers of their past consumers and contact them in able to prove how honest the aircon cleaning pros you intend to hire are.

Tip#4: Seeking for the Cleaning Services of a Covered and Licensed Firm

Dealing with an expert providing aircon cleaning solutions that is licensed means your needs will be attended by a professional you are sure is legitimate and authorized by your government to give cleaning services in your area. 
It is also important you choose an aircon cleaning service provider that is insured so that you can end up being compensated in case your air conditioner unit will be damaged courtesy of the negligence of the cleaner attending to it. 

Tip#5:Promoting an Aircon Cleaning Service Provider with Affordable Quotes

Ignore offers of the various reliable firms offering aircon cleaning and maintenance services you have successfully secured and liaise with one assuming you with inexpensive and flawless cleaning solutions. 

Bottom Line

Utilize the afore- mentioned tips if you want your air conditioner to provide effective cooling solutions every time and also last for a long time period. 

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