How Is Aircon Gas Top Up Done in Singapore?

Air conditioning is an important thing that you should have in your house so that you can cool your house, especially during summer. It’s common that many people do not have much knowledge about how the air conditioning system works. This is the reason why so many people are not aware of the importance refilling of air conditioning so that you can keep it functioning.

Therefore, it’s good that you understand the basics involved in refilling the aircon gas such as when you are supposed to refill it and how you can do it. By getting a basic understanding of the air conditioning gas refill you will be able to save a lot of money and time especially in hot seasons in Singapore. Some of the things that you can look at before you undertake air conditioning gas refill in Singapore are:

Is it possible for you to refill the aircon gas by yourself?

Although you may try to repair your air conditioning for yourself by experts have discouraged people from doing this since it’s very dangerous. One of the reasons why they have opposed this is because you may not enough experience and knowledge which can make you to easily misdiagnose or worsen the problems. This can cost you a lot of money and time in the long run.

When are you supposed to refill your aircon gas in Singapore

You can refill your air conditioning gas during regular repair or inspection procedures. There are also other factors which may indicate that you need to top up your air conditioning gas. One of the time when you are required to refill it is when your air conditioner takes a lot of time to cool your room. When the air conditioner is fully filled it’s expected to cool down your room within the shortest time possible once you switch it on. In case your air conditioning does not adhere to that, then you have to refill it.

In addition to this, in case your air conditioning is running continuously without stopping especially when it has reached room temperature, then you are supposed to replace it. Other issues which may make you refill or replace your air conditioning gas are: continuous poor performance, air conditioning water leakages, turns itself frequently on and off and when it produces unusual noise.

Why you need to refill your aircon gas in Singapore

One of the common reason why you need to refill your air conditioning gas is due to gas leakages. In case the tubing system of your air conditioning is damaged, it’s possible that you will experience gas leakages and this happens in many air conditioning systems that we have today in our homes. Some of the things which may make your tubing system to be damaged are build up of chemical residue, poor quality copper pipes and poor installation of the air conditioning.

a) Regular wear and tear

You must know that air conditioning systems are pressured units, which when you use them with time, the joints and bolts are likely to become weak, rust thereby developing leakages.

b) Manufacturing defects

No single manufacturing process is 100 percent free from errors since every human being is prone to error. While manufacturing the air conditioning, there are so many welds and joins which can cause leakages in case they are not made using high precision. In case there are manufacturing errors, you are likely to experience leakages in the initial stages but you can get your air conditioning repaired through the warranty.

c) Poor installation

One of the important parts of the air conditioning installation in Singapore involves bending the copper pipes and making the flare nut connections which in many cases are the main areas of leakage. For you, to avoid such leakages you must seal the flare nuts using Teflon tape and bend the copper pipes through the tube bender.

Many of the modern air conditioning models that are sold in the market today do have various sensors which are able to stop your unit from working if a leakage or malfunction is detected in your system. On the other hand, if you have an older model you will realise that it does not have such a sensor which means that it will not be easy for you to detect any leakage. These new models do have some error code or LED lights which indicate on the display panel that there is low gas pressure on your air conditioning. If you notice such sign, it’s vital that you call any nearby reliable expert to refill your air conditioning.

The procedure of refilling the aircon gas

• It’s easy for you to refill the air conditioning if you have the right safety gear and tools. Try to locate discharge line and suction line so that you can unscrew the bolt at this areas.

• Try to remove the bolt at the left side before you connect the blue hose of the AC gauge to this port. Remove all the air which may be inside the system before you connect the yellow horse to a vacuum pump. It’s essential that you do this since any moisture which may exist inside the compressor is able to damage it.

• After you are done with this you have to make sure that you have closed all the valves in the AC gauge. You have to connect the yellow hose with the air conditioning tank.

Types of air conditioning gases in Singpore

Some of the common gases that are used in many air conditioners are:

1. R22-
 It’s usually known as Freon which is a hydro-chloroflourocarbon and in many cases contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer. The R22 is not commonly used in the air conditioners as it has some harmful environmental effects.

2. R410A- 
Usually known as Puron and is currently used in many of the air conditioners. It’s a hydro-, therefore, does not cause any effects on the ozone layer. 

If you follow the above guide you will never have any challenge when it comes to aircon gas refill in Singapore. Try it today and you will never regret as you use your aircon at your home.

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