How Important Is Air Con Servicing And Personal Maintenance On An AC Unit?

Without air conditioning machines, it would be difficult to live comfortably in this hot Singaporean weather. Air conditioning units are just some of the most essential home items that can help contribute to a comfortable home atmosphere. However, due to intense use or mechanical fallbacks, an AC unit could get damaged or broken. Air con servicing would certainly be needed. 
Maintaining the proper condition of your air conditioning equipment is essential to prevent further damage on the unit and even check the entire item for defects that could be otherwise resolved earlier. Some air con servicing companies offer routine checks and unit repair and maintenance. 

The Importance of Routine Air Con Servicing 

The ideal servicing frequency for an AC unit is once a year, even if you don’t see any problems or disturbances in the equipment. There might be some internal problems which you might not have noticed at first that could later on be apparent as the months go along. 

An AC unit that has been left for many years without any maintenance could lose its efficiency. This could result to the unit blowing off lesser amount of cold air into the room even when its turned on to the maximum. The presence of dust and debris stuck on the unit’s filter could result to a poor amount of coolness inside a room compared to when the AC is kept clean. 

Ideally, air con servicing is encouraged right before summer since it would lessen the chances of having to wait in line for the help of a technician. Most people would normally complain or even see the importance of their AC unit especially during the hottest months of the year and it would be really helpful to avoid the crowd right before everyone requests for AC maintenance and repair checks. 

Air Con Maintenance and Repair Services
Servicing would usually cover the following:
· Filter maintenance.

The filter protects the AC’s inner components from various particles that could reduce the efficiency of the unit. Maintenance to this area includes cleaning and getting rid of the various dust particles that have been stuck on the filter panels with the use of water. 

· Condensing unit inspection. 

The condenser is responsible for transforming gas into liquid, affecting the coolness of the room. Inspection of this part ensures that coolness is maintained while gas moves into a state of liquid every time the unit is turned on.

· Compressor check. 

The compressor eliminates the heat coming from the outside air. Checking this area would usually require some careful oiling or dusting.

· Fan inspection. 

This includes both the indoor and outdoor fan. The indoor fan is highly connected to the evaporator, ensuring that the air is cool and ready to be dispensed into the room. The outdoor fan on the other hand moves to circulate the air from the condenser for cooling. Inspection of these parts entails checking for breaks or damages that could impair the air movement in and outside the AC. 

· Miscellaneous checks. 

Aside from the inspection of the major parts of the AC, servicing would also include listening for abnormal noisy sounds, water leaks and exterior damages which could result from the presence of faulty parts.

Things You Can Do at Home to Make Sure Your AC Unit Is Functioning Well

Aside from getting the services of an air con specialist, there are also certain methods you can do at home to ensure that your AC unit is functioning optimally. Here are just some tips to help maintain the condition of this household item.

· Check for sounds.

 A disturbingly loud noise coming from your AC unit could mean that some parts inside are either dislodged, overloaded or in need of lubrication. Commonly, technicians would use certified cleaning materials that can clean the unit without damaging its parts. 

· Check the entire unit. 

Are the exposed areas clean or in need of dusting? Does the AC unit fits really well or are there extra spaces which would otherwise cause the air to leak from inside the room going to the outside environment? Normally, a tape would be enough to secure these spaces. Imposing an additional wooden panel to cover it up would also work. 

· Check the buttons and configurations. 

Does the unit run after it is turned on? How much time would it usually spend for the entire room to cool down after you have turned on the button? If it does not turn on, it means the unit is damaged. However, if there is a long delay from the time it is adjusted to the moment it delivers coolness, then there must be some dust particles lodged inside the unit. 

· Inspect the unit’s thermostat and measure with the use of a thermometer. 

This can help you check for discrepancies especially if you are not sure whether the AC is functioning efficiently or not. Dust could be a major factor for the AC unit to lose its efficiency drastically. 

· Observe for dust build up on the filter panels and clean with water. 

Though this is quite easily done alone, you can also have an expert technician clean up the panels during your routine air con servicing appointment. 

· Check for pooling of water or presence of leaks. 

Leaks would usually mean there’s a crack or hole in the connectors or tubing. Any dislodgement can be easily reinforced back to its place. However, if there are leaks or cracks, there is a need to replace the entire tubing, which should be done by a licensed technician. 

Ensuring the Optimum Performance of Your AC Unit 

Scheduling for regular AC servicing maintenance could save you a lot of money in the long run. This can be a form of preventive measure that could help check your item for possible defects before it can cause major damages when left alone. When your AC unit is functioning really well, you can save up a lot of money on your electricity mainly because you don’t have to adjust the thermostat to the coolest level. This can help you manage your electricity bills with regards to your AC’s monthly consumption.
Ensuring that your AC is working well can offer plenty of benefits for you and your home. Getting routine air con servicing plus regular inspection on your part can go a long way when it comes to practicality.

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