End-of-Tenancy Aircon Servicing For Tenants (Singapore)

End-of-Tenancy Aircon Servicing For Tenants (Singapore). Air-conditioning systems, commonly referred to as AC or Aircon, is one of the modern wonders of technology.

It comes in handy when the temperature is ready to make your day full of sweat and smell. It cools down the temperature inside while diverting the unnecessary heat and dampness outside.

You might be a tenant, ready to hand over your rented property back to the respectful owner and getting ready for your new home! What are your responsibilities as a tenant? Do you need to do an aircon servicing before you can get back your rental deposit? Read on to learn more!

Singaporean Climate: The Necessity Of Aircon’s

End-of-Tenancy Aircon Servicing For Tenants (Singapore)

Singapore comes under a zone where the temperature remains hot and humid and has a tropical rainforest climate. The temperature usually stays on the more seductive side with an average range of 27-32 degree centigrade.

Singapore’s hot and humid climate makes it necessary for its citizens to have a properly installed air-conditioning system and check them regularly. Among its South-Asian counterparts, Singapore has the highest air-conditioners installed per capital.

Aircon Servicing

Aircon servicing is highly recommended by air-conditioning professionals now and then. Most of the experts are of the view that excellent service should be given to the aircon once at least every 12 months.

The unit should be closely inspected to determine any issues, while the ducts and aircon filters should be cleaned properly. Meanwhile, tenants should also habitually conduct aircon servicing every three months to avoid complicated problems later on.

Clean ducts and filters and a regular inspection ensure no airflow blockage, resulting in less energy consumption while guaranteeing equipment efficiency.

Regular cleaning and aircon servicing are also essential as otherwise there would be allergies, etc., threatening the environment and those using the aircon system.

Tenancy Agreement Singapore

It is usually the landlord’s responsibility to provide an air-conditioning system to the tenants initially. Later on, according to the agreement done by the law, the tenant is accountable for servicing the air-conditioning every three months.

The Tenant Agreement Includes

The tenant agreement has to be agreed upon by both the landlord and the tenant and is done according to the common law. Some of the points regarding aircon servicing are as follow.

• It is the landlord’s responsibility to maintain that the aircon is in a good state before handing the keys over to the tenant.

• The tenant must do the Aircon servicing every three months.

• The tenant is responsible for the maintenance charges if they don’t exceed the agreed-upon amount. This falls under the criteria of end-of-tenancy aircon servicing.

• The landlord has to pay for the extra charges of chemical cleaning if it is not included in the regular services.

• Landlord is responsible for the replacement of the system.

• Tenant is responsible for doing end of tenancy cleaning.

Choosing The Maintenance Company

According to the law, any party can select the maintenance company, but it should be on the other party’s notice. If the landlord has chosen the company, the tenant must know the specifics to dodge the inconveniences later.

Service Packages

Many maintenance companies offer different packages for a maximum of a year or two. Initially, if a new tenant is moving in, then free or very reasonable aircon services are provided by the maintenance staff of the building or the landlord. Later on, it is the responsibility of the tenant to look into the issues at least every three months.

End-of-Tenancy Aircon Servicing For Tenants (Singapore) – Responsibilities Of The Tenant

End-of-Tenancy Aircon Servicing For Tenants (Singapore)

A tenant must adequately go through the following things and keep them on the landlord’s notice. These things mentioned below must be done to avoid later complications

1. Cleaning The Aircon Filters Regularly

The aircon filters need to be regularly checked and cleaned. This way, the tenant can ensure that all the dust is not compromising his health and that the equipment efficiency is also provided, reducing energy consumption.

2. Cleaning The Drain Channels

The channels should be cleaned regularly to smooth the flow of air. Otherwise, the clogged gutters will result in the water around the unit hurting nearby walls and floors.

3. Keeping The Outside Unit Of the Aircon Clean

It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that the outside unit is clean and that there is no mess around it. This will ensure proper airflow without blockage, thus increasing aircon efficiency.

4. Maintenance Responsibility

A tenant is liable for the regular aircon servicing done every three months. Many clauses are added to the agreement between the tenant and the landlord. The tenant has to ensure that they are correctly followed and are on the notice of the landlord to avoid confusion and issues later on.

5. Keep Written Proofs And Documents

If the aircon is facing any issue or there is some issue with its performance, then the tenant needs to keep a proper record of the problem. He needs to document when the problem started, when he informed the landlord or contacted the maintenance company etc. This way, the tenant would have all the proof if he encountered any issues later.

6. Aircon Servicing Before The Lease Ends

The service companies provide different packages. Being a tenant, if you are taking up a box, you should ensure that the receipts are backed up and have a proper record. They need to be given to the landlord before the lease ends.

End-of-Tenancy Aircon Servicing For Tenants (Singapore) – Conclusion

End-of-Tenancy Aircon Servicing For Tenants (Singapore)

End-of-Tenancy Aircon Servicing For Tenants (Singapore). In Singapore, once the keys are handed over to the tenant, it becomes his responsibility to go for regular aircon servicing every three months.

The tenant is also responsible for damages to the aircon and its repair during his stay. The tenant has to pay an amount of up to 200 Singapore dollars for the damages even if he is not answerable for the damages. The amount exceeding 200 Singapore dollars will be the responsibility of the landlord.

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