Dos & Don’ts On Aircon Servicing

Singapore is a humid place that makes it very tough for people to have a comfortable stay in their house without a properly working Aircon. If they don’t have a properly working Aircon, then it will be almost impossible for them to have comfortable and soothing environment in their houses. However, one can get better result with it, only if they will do proper Aircon servicing on regular interval. But when people do the Aircon servicing, then they make some mistake that lead them to a negative outcome in this requirement. 

Here, I am sharing some of the dos and don’t that Aircon servicing that can help you do its maintenance in a proper manner and you can get really amazing result without any kind of issues or complications. 

Some dos about Aircon servicing 
Regular cleaning: 

For proper Aircon servicing, it is highly important that you do regular cleaning of your Aircon for better result. Sometime, only the cleaning of your Aircon could the work for you and you can have lesser load on your Aircon and that will do better cooling for you. So it is important that you do regular cleaning in your Aircon servicing and you clean everything that is essential for same. 

Replace your air filters: 

For better Aircon servicing, it is highly important that you change the filters on regular manner. If you will not replace the filters then it will not attract more dust or dirt and that is going to give negative results to you. As a result of that you are going to have negative outcome with it and it will also increase load on your Aircon. So, make sure you replace the filters to avoid any kind of complication in 

Maintain the coolant: 

If coolant is 10% less in your Aircon, then its performance will get reduced by 20%. That is going to give a lot of negative experience to you and you will have higher electricity bill as well. To avoid this issue, it is strongly recommended that you check the coolant level on regular manner. If you notice any kind of coolant drop in the Aircon liquid, then you should simply get it refilled to avoid any trouble or issues. 

Keep it tuned: 
Proper tuning of your Aircon is highly important and you should keep that thing in your mind while doing your Aircon servicing. If you will not do proper tuning of the services for your aircon, then you are not going to have any kind of positive result with it. Un-tuned Aircon will have loose screws and other factors as well. As a result of that, it will affect your Aircon and it will not give any good result to you as well. So, it is advised that you keep it tuned during your Aircon servicing.

Take professional help: 

This is probably the most important thing that you must remember to do your Aircon servicing in a proper manner. Sometime people try to do the maintenance of their Aircon by themselves and that lead them to a negative result. If you don’t want to have any kind of complications and you want to make sure you get only the best result, then you should hire some professional for that. When you hire a professional for same, then you will not have any troubles or complications and he will do things that are essential for this work and you will have good result with ease.

Some don’ts about Aircon servicing
Don’t clean with sharp object: 

Sometime people try to clean their Aircon using some sharp object. Indeed, cleaning is important and you need to do better cleaning as well. But this does not mean you should use some kind of sharp objects for its cleaning. If you will use sharp object for the cleaning of your Aircon, then you may accidently make some damage in it and you might end up making more damage in it, instead of solution. So, when you do Aircon servicing, make sure you don’t clean it with any sharp object in any condition else it will be a bad result for you.

Don’t use crowded vents: 
Using crowded vents is not a good thing and you should not use it for your Aircon. If you will make this mistake then you will have only negative outcome with it. So, it is extremely important that you get rid of crowded vents at the time of Aircon servicing. If you can follow this basic thing, then you are certainly going to have positive result and you will have good result as well.

Don’t use dirty filters: 

Using dirty filter again is the biggest mistake that one could do during Aircon servicing part. If you will do your Aircon servicing and you try to use your existing air filter by cleaning it, then you are making yourself vulnerable for several health hazards. This dirty filter can have various germs and microbes that may get released after cleaning and it might affect your health. Also, a reused filter might not do the trick for you and that is why you shall avoid using it in your Aircon servicing.

Don’t use low quality parts: 

With continuous use if Aircon, you will certainly have some complications in it. These complications can be there due to parts damage and you may need to change your Aircon parts for better Aircon servicing. When you do this, make sure you do not change parts that are non-tested or poor quality. If you will use poor quality material for replacement, then all of your efforts will go to vein and you will not have any good result for the Aircon servicing. So, make sure you use only branded material or objects for replacement. 

If you can follow these dos and don’ts on Aircon servicing, then I am sure, you will have much better and comfortable environment in your house. Also, it will make sure you don’t get any kind of troubles in any ways and you can enjoy really good and great outcome having no trouble at all.

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